Shaheer Sheikh – Journey Of A Star – IN PICS

Shaheer Sheikh In Mahabharat
Shaheer Sheikh In Mahabharat

2013 (Mahabharat)

In 2013, he portrayed the incredible archer, warrior, Pandava prince named Arjun in the show Mahabharat on Star Plus.
His agile, energetic and swift reflexes earned him a large fan base.The show garnered him loads of appreciation and several awards. But above all, it opened global doors for the actor. He became incredibly famous in Indonesia and he was soon seen working on Indonesian projects.

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  1. Hello Richa,
    I thank you for giving so many things about Shaheer Sheikh which I didn’t know. I was unaware about his telefilms on star plus. Well I need to search for it.. Thanks for sharing..
    Thank you again 💕


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