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Shaheer Sheikh
Shaheer Sheikh In Turis Romantis

2015 – Turis Romantis

In 2015, he did a romantic Indonesian film named as ‘Turis Romantis’ (meaning Romantic Tourists) with Kirana Larasati.
He played the role of a handsome Indian photographer Azan Khan who befriended his Indonesian tourist guide Nabila.

Turis Romantis
Turis Romantis

The story revolved around how Azan falls in love with Nabila during his short stay at Indonesia. While Azan struggles to bring back the grave of his grandfather from Indonesia to India, Nabila tries hard to pay off the debts of her father in order to save her house. At the end, Azan helps Nabila and returns back to India with his grandfather’s grave only to return back to Nabila after some time. In the film, Shaheer also rendered a song that became quite a hit among his fans!

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  1. Hello Richa,
    I thank you for giving so many things about Shaheer Sheikh which I didn’t know. I was unaware about his telefilms on star plus. Well I need to search for it.. Thanks for sharing..
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