Shaheer Sheikh : The Most Important Part Is That We Take Care Of Every Indian Citizen

Shaheer Sheikh
Shaheer Sheikh

After a long time and quite luckily we engaged in a conversation with the most popular and loved actor, Shaheer Sheikh. The conversation mainly was based on the present scenario in our country as well as the world. And he expressed his concerns as well as best wishes for one and all, especially for those who are involved in essential services. He had some very specific message for his fans too!

Excerpts from the interview –

Q. As an actor who has been a part of television industry for so long, you must be knowing how hard it will be to gather a whole unit of more than 100 people again and resume shooting. How do you think this entire situation will impact those technicians and people working behind the scenes?

A lot of people around the world are getting affected because of this. Economies are crashing. But for us, the most important part is that we take care of every Indian citizen. Thoughts about the show are the last thought in my head right now. What is running on my mind is what about the safety of the doctors, nurses, the law enforcement department, people who are on the streets to make sure that you stay at home?

I am concerned about the health care. I am also thinking about the people who are daily wagers and how they are managing as they may be hardly able to make ends meet at this time. What are they doing now? And it’s a very difficult time, people are losing their lives. And in all this, my concern right now is not about the show. There are so many other more important things right now that are going in my mind. We have to figure out the other important things and we have to do it together. The only way we can fight this is if we support each other.

Q. During this lockdown, a lot of people have started respecting their domestic help a lot. So any such incident that you will like to share?

So I would call myself a cook and say that I cook and I can make food for myself. But if you have to do it on a daily basis, like every single day spend three to four hours in the kitchen  and cook …and you know, I’ve nowadays I’ve even kept chair in my kitchen so that I can relax for some time against that, because it’s a lengthy process and my admiration, respect and my love for my mom has increased. When I was a kid, I didn’t really have any house help so she would be in the kitchen all day. And it has made me realise how much hard work it needs to cook three meals a day.

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Q. So what have you made today?

I have been making everything. I have been experimenting quite a lot. Today I made Aloo parantha as I was craving for the same.

Q: Message to fans?

Keep yourself updated about what we are supposed to do. No matter how many times we thank to all the people who are out there for us, be it the doctors, nurses, policemen it can never be enough. They are out there working and risking their lives to make sure that the situation gets better. All the law enforcement department like the cops who are on the roads, they have to stay away from their families to make sure that the streets are empty and people remain inside. And, whenever you can just help whosoever you can in any way possible.

Make sure you do whatever you’re supposed to do. See, this is the easiest way to Be a Hero. It can’t be simpler than this. You just have to be at home to save lives. So yeah, just do what you’re asked to do.

Dear Readers,

While we are here to keep you up-to-date with all the camaraderie of your favorite television stars, let’s not forget to stand united in this turbulent time. Hope you’re following the right measures and washing your hands at regular intervals and encouraging your friends and family also to stay inside and stay safe!

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