Shashank Vyas Unfollows Accounts On Instagram, Calls It His Way Of Social Media Detox

Shashank Vyas

Actor Shashank Vyas is not afraid of speaking his mind. Be it cyber bullying, or expressing his views through his poems, he has always made sure that he puts his point across. The actor, who will soon make his Bollywood debut with “Laila Manju”, has recently unfollowed all the accounts on his Instagram handle.

He called it his way of social media detox, and mentioned that he is a phone call away for his friends and family. He posted a story on his account that read, “I have unfollowed everyone on Instagram. Call it my way of Social Media Detox. To my friends and family, I am ALWAYS a phone call away. And to those I unfollowed, please don’t take my action otherwise. Be kind and spread positivity. Love and respect to all.”

We are yet to see if the actor will be available on Instagram or any other social media account or not. It will be interesting to see how his fans react to this.

Recently, even Karan Johar had unfollowed a lot of actors on his Instagram account, amidst the backlash he received following Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. The filmmaker faced the wrath of netizens who accused him of everything from nepotism to bullying.


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