SherDil SherGill New Promo Gives An Insight Into The Characters Of Raj And Manmeet! – REVIEW

Sherdil Shergill

The upcoming show of Colors TV, SherDil SherGill starring Dheeraj Dhoopar and Surbhi Chandna’s latest promo will make you more excited to watch the show.

The new promo of SherDil SherGill gives an insight into the characters of Raj and Manmeet in a more clear way than the last promo.

In the promo, we have Raj as a trainee who is more interested in daydreaming about his boss Manmeet than the work while Manmeet is completely different than what Raj perceives her to be, both in real world and his dreams.

From the promo, we gathered, Raj has a carefree attitude towards life, has received everything in life so far on a platter and wants to lead a normal life by following the rules set by the society for us. He aspires to become successful like Manmeet, then get married and have kids.

On the other hand, we have Manmeet Shergill, who is independent, ambitious and believes in living her life on her own terms. She leads by example and refuses to just blindly follow the set rules. She is a single mother who is happy in her space and there is no place for a man in her life.

Well, Manmeet is a fictional character but we have many such examples in the real world too, who have said Yes to the parenthood and No to a marriage because it’s their choice and we are excited to welcome a character like Manmeet Shergill in the ITV world.

We wonder, what will bring Raj and Manmeet together when their priorities in life are so different from each other?

Produced by Saurabh Tewari, the on-air date of SheeDil SherGill is not announced yet.

Watch the promo below –

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