Shilpa Sakhlani’s Outburst – Bigg Boss 7!


Shilpa Apoorva - BB 7Bigg Boss is a reality show on Colors which really can be considered as the ‘Baap’ of all reality shows. The show is spiced with drama, emotions, anger, tears, love. The inmates living in the Bigg Boss house, this season are varied personalities and for these people to adjust with each other and live with harmony is getting difficult day after day.

Added to this, the tasks given by Bigg Boss are not easy. The luxury budget task this week too saw a new turn where the Heaven mates (Tanisha Mukherjee, Gauhar Khan, Shilpa Sakhlani, Kushal Tandon, Armaan Kohli, Anita Advani, Asif Azim) adorned the role of doctors and the hell mates (VJ Andy, Ratan Rajput, Apoorva Agnihotri, Kamya Punjabi, Elli Avra, Sangram Singh, Pratyusha Banerjee) were guinea pigs. Sounds interesting right?

The task saw some varied treatments like Andy, Kamya getting their hair-colored to get cured, and Ratan going in a tub of cow dung and so on. But this luxury budget task also brought out the anger side of a wife.

The married couple, Shilpa Sakhlani and Apoorva Agnihotri are in close quarters yet not close enough. Shilpa is in Jannat and Apoorva is in Jahannum. One of the tasks this week was to cut the guinea pig’s hair from the sides n leave it only in the centre. Armaan and Asif choose Apoorva and Sangram for the task. Thus Shilpa’s outburst was seen.

Shilpa did not want Apoorva to shave his hair and was seen crying and being upset over the matter. Later across the Jannat-Jahannum grill Shilpa was seen crying and Apoorva consoling her!

Though by the end of the day all was well and Shilpa said she liked Apoorva’s hairstyle, as it was rather set now, the Jahanuum team won the game. This only shows the Bigg Boss 7 is not an easy game to play and it is going to get murkier and with each one playing the game, drama, fight and tears will follow.

In all likeliness in the coming episode in the ‘Adla-Badli’ twist the whole Jannat waasi will shift to the Jahanumm and the Jahanumm waasi to Jannat. Now this spices-up Bigg Boss Saath 7!!!

Don’t forget to watch Bigg Boss 7 every day from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM only on Colors Viacom 18.

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Author: Surya Ravi
Editor: A. Patel



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