Shivangi Joshi Starrer Music Video Aadatien Is The Perfect Love Anthem With Valentine’s Day Around The Corner

Shivangi Joshi In Aadatein

Just lately we reported the news of Shivangi Joshi going to make her debut in a new upcoming music video ‘Aadatein’.

The wait has ended with the music video out and the composition of this romantic ballad in the voice of Nikhil D’Souza will leave you in daze.

All set to become the love anthem of the year, this soft melody with visuals so touching will tug at your heart.

The sweet little love story of an introvert girl (portrayed by Shivangi Joshi) falling in love and emoting all the beautiful feelings associated with the flutter of the wing of first love will leave you in awe.

Also featuring Suraj Roy, the song is written by Anurag Bhomia. The song will make you swoon over the melody and will make you fall harder for the lyrics.

Shivangi’s uber cuteness and the adorable love story will cast it’s spell on you for sure.

All in all this love song of the season is the perfect one to play on your date night too and you’ll totally agree with us once you watch it below –


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