Shivin Narang’s Message To Fans: Please Take Care Of Yourself And Your Families

Shivin Narang
Shivin Narang

Recently there was news that Beyhadh 2 will go off the air because of the national lockdown. All television shows stopped shooting from mid-March because of the Covid19 outbreak and what you see on-air today is repeat runs. Ever since the news of Beyhadh 2 going off-air came, fans have given some extreme reactions on social media. They have expressed in no uncertain terms how upset and sad they are to hear this. An extreme reaction came from a fan who threatened to commit suicide if the show went off air.

Speaking on the outrage the lead actor of the show Shivin Narang says,”Beyhadh2 has a huge fan following. It is a show which is true to its story and maintained a great standard in both the seasons. Even I am a great admirer of my own show and it is very disheartening for us also if the show goes off with an abrupt end. It is a helpless situation. The final verdict is yet to come from the channel.”

He also adds,”I know there is a huge outrage amongst loyal fans and viewers of our show on social media. I understand they love the show and are very attached to it. But I request them not to take any extreme measures or harm themselves. This is a time for patience and unity. It’s not only our nation, but the whole world is fighting Corona. So my message to all is please take care of yourself and your families”.

For the last couple of days, social media platforms had movements like Don’t end Beyhadh 2, Justice for Beyhadh 2 and it’s been in the news. Interestingly after he played sweet romantic characters on TV, we have Shivin Narang seen as Rudra in the show in a very different way. And his fans have loved him in that avatar.


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