The Show Was About Kusum Sundari Vs Devanshi And Shall Remain So Always! – Sonali Jaffar #EXCLUSIVE!

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Sonali Jaffar
Sonali Jaffar

Colors’ drama “Devanshi”, a Full House Media Pvt Ltd production took a fourteen years leap recently. The little Devanshi is all grown up now and all set to unmask Kusum Sundari.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Fuze, the producer of the show, Sonali Jaffar shared about Mohan’s re-entry, upcoming tracks and much more.

Read on!

Post leap, how would you describe Devanshi’s character?

Earlier Devanshi was very trusting, very caring but with time, this girl has realized that she invested her trust on the wrong people or just out of love and respect. Now, she has the responsibility of not just herself but her sister too so, she has changed as a person as once bitten twice shy. She is more wiser and smart now and not innocent or gullible like she used to be.

What would be the percentage of Kusum Sundari’s evil Vs Devanshi’s good?

The base of the story is always good vs evil. Now, it has changed from MataRani’s angle to romance. Pre-leap, Kusum Sundari was against Devanshi as she was considered a godly child and now, she will be against the relationship that will be developing in between her own son, Vardaan and Devanshi. The show was about Kusum Sundari versus Devanshi and shall remain so always.

In upcoming episodes, are we going to see Kusum Sundari as an evil mother-in-law?

I don’t know about that as of now because marriage track is not in the near picture. There will be a whole turn of events before the marriage track so, let’s see how the story unfolds.

What are the chances of Ishwar Chaudhary being alive?

Wait as the story unfolds but, yes there are a lot of twists and turns waiting in the store. Story is going to get more intriguing with passing episodes.

Pre- leap, Kusum Sundari was expecting a baby so, is the baby in picture? Can we expect a surprising entry of a fourteen year old?

Yes, you can expect a surprising entry of another character in the show but, not certainly of a fourteen year old. I don’t want to reveal much about it because it’s an important element of the story. Wait and see how it turns out to be but, there’s definitely an entry of Kusum Sundari’s illegitimate child.

Sonali Jaffar With Helly Shah, Mudit Nayar And Anjum Fakih
Sonali Jaffar With Helly Shah, Mudit Nayar And Anjum Fakih

It’s quite obvious that in the upcoming episodes, Sakshi will regain her mental abilities so, are we heading towards a love triangle in the story?

Yes, there’s a love triangle ahead in the story. When Sakshi will regain her mental abilities she will get attracted towards Vardaan because of his care and efforts for her well being. Actually, for a while, the whole thing will be about a mistaken identity. Vardaan would think Sakshi is Devanshi because of the tattoo. He would take care of Sakshi thinking of her as Devanshi whereas Sakshi will take all that affection and care for herself and will develop feelings for Vardaan.

What are the chances of Mohan’s re-entry? And if he will return, will he be positive or negative?

He will make a re-entry soon but, this time he will be against Kusum Sundari. Not sure about negative or positive because, even though he will be against Kusum Sundari, he won’t be on Devanshi’s side and also, he might make an entry with his illegitimate son.

Okay, a light one! Fandom is still not sure about a moniker for Devanshi and Vardaan so, which one you prefer? VarShi, DevDaan, DeVa or VaNshi?

(Laughs) I have named them Vardaan and Devanshi, fans can choose whatever they like. It’s completely upto them.

Sonali Jaffar With Kashvi Kothari And Arha Mahajan
Sonali Jaffar With Kashvi Kothari And Arha Mahajan

With the entry of Kusum Sundari’s illegitimate son, will both the sisters eventually fall for the step brothers?

No, that won’t really happen.

Message to the fans.

Keep watching, keep loving the show as it’s going to be a wonderful romantic love story of a man who does not believes in the existence of God and a girl who believes in God and how she convinces him and changes his thinking towards the existence of God with her love. Actually, their love story has a saga touch to it as from childhood they are together and are waiting to see each other since fourteen years. The kids performed so well and the youngsters are just taking it forward.

Stay tuned to Fuze for more buzz!

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