Shrenu Parikh About Ishqbaaaz Leap : We All Got To Know The Same Day And There Was A Silent But Very Emotional Feeling We All Felt

Shrenu Parikh In Ishqbaaaz

She’s bubbly, she’s versatile, she’s an ace performer and this very beloved ‘chiraiya’ of Ishqbaaaz just spreads positive energy wherever she goes. None other than the present ‘gundi’ who can give SSO a tit for tat after Annika, she’s the one and only ‘Gauri’ from Ishqbaaaz and everyone’s favourite Shrenu Parikh.

Since the news of the super six going off air has been circulated, the fans of the actress too are disheartened at the fact that Gauri Kumari Sharma will no longer be breaking the screens with her presence. But nonetheless, this journey of Ishqbaaz has given us a character to remember for lifetime and filled Shrenu’s path with some amazing experiences too.

We caught up with the pretty actress regarding the show, her costars, future projects and here’s what she had to say

1) The story of the present characters in Ishqbaaaz is going to end very soon. Gauri will also bid adieu to the viewers. What are your thoughts at this time while shooting for the final days?

We have mixed emotions! But good journeys do come to end in order to start a better one. We are trying to live each and every moment of the last days that we are shooting!

2) What are your favourites scenes of Gauri from the show till now?

There are lots, my initial days of Dil Boley Oberoi where I had these phone calls with Oberoi’s, our shaadi, scenes with Kaali Thakur, my confession, then Omkara’s confession. Loads.

3) How did you all as a team took in the news that suddenly you all won’t be working together anymore and the super six of Ishqbaaaz are there for only a little more time?

We all got to know the same day and there was a silent but very emotional feeling we all felt! We took it nicely though because we knew this was kinda going to happen someday! We are gonna miss everyone a lot.

4) What are the things that have been exclusive to the Ishqbaaaz set that you think you may not get to see or feel anywhere else.

The VIBE of our set, team, makers, technicians, production, direction, actors have! People who want to have fun while working with no worries at all!

5) How much of Gauri did you take along with you in this duration? Redux’s Gauri or the original Gauri, which one has been more close to you?

Gauri is going to be a part of me forever! It’s always original Gauri for me! Hands down.

6) Would you like to play a mother at this point of your career?

Not that I am bounced with this question till now! But now that you have asked, if the character or the story wants me to become a mother, I will.

7) Off screen – What are the things about your co-stars Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh, Leenesh Mattoo, Surbhi Chandna, Mansi Srivastava, that you will miss the most. What last farewell message you will give to each of them.

Nakuul- I will miss the kind of energy he brings to the set or a scene for that matter. He’s a level headed person who can advice me and such a knowledgeable person.

Kunal – He’s the best co star one can get! Haan masti karta hai bahut but I think that’s the best thing about his nature.

Leenesh – I’ve learnt and appreciated this boy’s discipline and hard work towards oneself. His scenes I watch to learn spontaneity.

Surbhi and Mansi – They have my HEART. Kya kahu about them. With every show I decide not to get attached to anyone or any character but these girls stole my heart and I didn’t even realise! Not one day goes well without talking to them! I’ve found friends in them for life. Also not to forget the kind of performers they are – Best!

8) What are your plans after Ishqbaaaz? Are you considering any other project as of yet?

Journeys continue will start hopefully new. And of course will let you know.



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