Shrenu Parikh : Emotionally Janhvi Is A Drained Character – EXCLUSIVE

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna
Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna

Adding another feather to the cap, television’s beloved actress Shrenu Parikh has once again reached the top of her game with Star Plus’ new thriller show ‘Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna’.

Shrenu who essays the character of Jahnvi Mittal, is portraying the grey shade for the first time in her career.

The bubbly actress who has always been loved for her optimistic and downright positive characters was a total surprise package as she stepped out and garnered the limelight with her impeccable performance in the show and stunned everyone.

So we got in touch with your very own Shrenu Parikh and tried to find out more about her ongoing experiences on the show and the response it’s receiving –

1. Sarvagun Sampanna has completed its first week. How is the feedback until now from the industry peers?

It’s been great. We are getting great feedback from not only industry people but people who usually don’t watch TV. Even they are gripped to the show.

2. How did your family react seeing you in the evil avatar for the first time?

They make fun of me “beta ab tujhe kaun events pe bulayega, tune toh Sarvagun Sampanna hone ke mayene hi badal diye”.

This was from my mamaas. Mom said she got scared of some moments. But they are loving the show. They watch it in the morning only on Hotstar because they can’t wait.

Shrenu Parikh

3. Janhvi’s patent smirk is like her signature expression to show her evil side. It is very intriguing. Is there any story behind finalizing that smirk of yours?

Nope. Just from the days I started prepping for the role I kept asking my friends what different should I do, I want something that’s her signature and that’s how we found it.

4. Ayub Khan is one of the senior and most phenomenal actors working with you in the show. How is it giving takes with him? Did he tell you anything about your performance yet?

Yes, indeed he’s great to work with. So much to learn from him. He does help me with a few scenes I’m struggling with and we both admire each other’s work

Shrenu Parikh

5. What’s the emotion of Jahnvi that’s most difficult for you to play? Did you come across any scene that you found very taxing yet?

Emotionally she’s a drained character. And that’s difficult to play where you want to shout at the top of your voice but cannot because no one knows about the storm inside. Taxing scenes are shooting in the heat, nothing otherwise.

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6. You had met Kunal Jaisingh recently as you were shooting nearby. Did he give you any feedback for Sarvagun Sampanna?

(Laughing) Yes. He said Bharti watches it and he too watched 1st episode and he absolutely loved it.

7. One sentence for each of these actors –
Ayub Khan – Absolute talent and entertainer.
Zain Imam – He’s like the fun master on set, whenever he’s around it’s always fun filled atmosphere.
Tanvi Dogra – Softy she is who laughs at my silly jokes or for that matter everyone’s jokes.


  1. Though Shrenu Parikh role seem to be weird, still excellent acting and very interesting. Nice set up and emotional.


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