Shrenu Parikh : If We Are Safe, Alive And Healthy, We All Can Work Again

Shrenu Parikh

She’s an ace actress, a very talented singer, an ethereal beauty and is loved by everyone around her. Yes, we are talking about none other than the jovial and lovely Shrenu Parikh.

The actress who was last seen in Star Plus’ Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna, has been keeping in touch with her fans through her social media posts and live sessions.

The bubbly and beautiful one got in touch with us and here’s what all the actress had to say, from her thoughts on the current situation to how she’s spending her time these days and her recent favorite list.

Scroll down below to read the excerpts from the interview –

Q- What are your thoughts about the current situation that the world is facing?

This is something very unexpected. None of us had expected for something like this to happen. But as a country we are trying to cope up well as far as the large population is considered. Our Government is trying to do all that it can. Hope fully we will be able to get over it.

There will always be some black sheeps though, but then on the other side there are so many people who are trying to help us to overcome this nightmare.

I wish I could be with my family in Baroda and stay inside the home there.

But yes, this is for our best so let us help the Government also and I hope we can flatten the curve together.

Q- As we all know you were in home quarantine when you travelled back to India a while ago. Was there any kind of response, positive or negative that you received or you think, that needs to change?

I have seen both the sides of it. I had home quarantined myself and I had friends who were checking on me. They delivered groceries at my doorstep. Everyone has been supportive. There were people in my building then, who were quite concerned about me .

They insisted that I should get myself tested, called the BMC and made sure that I provided it to them on paper and got myself stamped too. I had already done all that myself already though.

But I understand their concern. It would be quite worrisome for anyone. Right now we all are living in panic. The only source of information we have is news and whatsapp so yeah I understand, it’s natural for everyone to worry for their families.

But at the same time I think it’s very important to be kind and compassionate towards each other. We all are facing this hard time and we are in this together.

There have been instances of doctors being kicked out and many others like that. Please be kind and responsible.

I did my bit back then like a responsible citizen. I followed all the necessary protocol and stayed home. As a responsible citizen, you should also inform the authorities since they’re there to help you. The only thing we can do at a time like this is being kind and nice to each other.

Q. – How are you spending your time at home these days?

I was in home quarantine even before the lockdown also and it would have been definitely better if I would have been with my family in Baroda. I am used to living alone though. But at times like these, it’s better to stay at home and with family. Initially for 6-7 days, it was crazy and it was like I was losing my mind (laughs). But I guess I’ve made peace with fact now and it’s in our best interest.

I am totally chilling and spending my ‘me’ time these days. I clean, cook, watch my favorite series. I’m watching a lot of cartoons also these days.


Shrenu Parikh And Zain Imam
Shrenu Parikh And Zain Imam In Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna

Q. Current Favorite Series –

There are so many series I’m watching.
It’s hard to tell instantly if someone asks. But yes, Friends is my all time favorite. I have been watching This Is Us, Grey’s Anatomy and Kingdom.

Q. Recent Celebrity Crush –

As I’ve always said, Fawad Khan is my favorite and I don’t think that’s going to change.
But yeah, there are these two boys in This Is Us (I’m very bad with names, just now I was watching and I forgot their names also) and then Mark Sloan ( Eric Dane ) and Derek (Patrick Dimpsey ) from Grey’s Anatomy are my all time favorites.

Q. Recent Song You’re Humming These Days –

I’ve been singing ‘Senorita’ a lot and till now also I think that’s what I’m humming the most. No Hindi songs on my mind right now.

Q . Favourite Male and Female Co Star –

It’s a veryyyyyyy long list. I’ve been blessed to have so many good co stars. It would be unfair if I’ll only name a few.
Ishqbaaaz has been a blessing to me. All my co stars and friends are so nice. We still keep in touch and bond together so well. Touch Wood.

Q. One actor and actress from the television industry you’d like to work with –

I’d like to work with Sakshi Tanwar and Mohit Malik.

Q. Since you belong to the television industry, you know how different it is with more than 100 to 150 people working on the sets, with many being daily wage workers. How do you think the entire situation has impacted them?

I know. It’s a very hard situation especially for the laborers who are going to get hit the most but then hang in guys, jaan hai to jaahan hai. Jaan hai to you can earn again. And I guess our Government also is doing every possible effort for everyone. They’re making sure that people are provided with food, groceries, all the necessary items.

So many people are making donations also. Hope they’re reaching the people in need also. People are giving their one month salaries to help.

Even the Government helpline number is available all the time. I have once tried it myself and asked if there was anyway I could go back to my home and stay inside at home there and they patiently told me that ma’am aap please abhi ghar par hi rahein, if you need anything essential for survival like groceries, medicines or essential items, we’re there to provide you.

The Government is doing its best to make sure that people don’t go hungry to bed so yeah all the people hang in there. Hope this will all pass soon and we all are together. If we are safe, alive and healthy, we all can work again.

Dear Readers,

While we are here to keep you up-to-date with all the camaraderie of your favorite television stars, let’s not forget to stand united in this turbulent time. Hope you’re following the right measures and washing your hands at regular intervals and encouraging your friends and family also to stay inside and stay safe!

From Fuze Team


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