Shrenu Parikh Makes Evil Look Gorgeous – 3 Reasons Why We Love Her In Sarvagun Sampanna

Shrenu Parikh

The new entry on the block ‘Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna’ is everywhere in the news for all the right reasons. The show is grabbing eyeballs and garnering more viewers each passing day owing to the influx of its fresh content.

But what’s making everyone hooked to this new thriller is none other than the polished star Shrenu Parikh.

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She has displayed her acting chops pretty well in all the work that she has done till date but this one being a totally different game from the rest has indeed made her shine in the grey shade too!

Here’s why we are totally loving Jhanvi Mittal in Sarvagun Sampanna –

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna

1. Not The Sneaky Villain –

From the very beginning, the hint of her carrying the negative shade has been showcased to the viewers. From what the usual TV shows offer, one could expect the character to be similar to the typical vamps with the evil smile and dialogues being voiced out only in the back of head somewhere but Shrenu has made Jhanvi a powerful force who intends to speak more through her actions than mere words.

Shrenu Parikh

2. The Swift Shift Of Expressions – She’s a perfect bahu you can see on Indian TV in a moment and before you know it, the next moment she could creep you out totally. The way Shrenu Parikh has mastered the art of swiftly changing the gears of her expressions is totally making the viewers wish for her more and more.

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna

3. The Sarvagun Sampanna Package – Last but not the least, there isn’t an iota of an element we are devoid of, with Shrenu Parikh filling in the shoes of Jhanvi Mittal. She’s the broken girl with a horrible past, she’s the scary person whom you’d just assume to be a serial killer if seen that side, she’s the perfect bahu you can vouch for if you love the saas bahu sagas and she’s the mysterious woman too to make sure the suspense build up is crazy.

All in all a Sarvagun Sampanna package is what we are all having at our disposal with Shrenu Parikh taking the lead for our entertainment and nailing it perfectly!



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