Shrenu Parikh On Ishqbaaz’s ‘Me Too’ Track – The First Thought That Came To My Mind Was The FEELING Of Being Molested!

Shrenu Parikh
Shrenu Parikh In ishqbaaaz

Ishqbaaz’s spree of social issues right now has landed on the very crucial ‘ME TOO’ scenario that has been acting as a worldwide label, bringing forth women together from across the globe to help them share and vent out their dreadful experiences regarding the same.

More than anything else, the number of women that came forward and revealed the trauma and their terrible stories that put humanity to shame, is shocking and disheartening at the same time.

With a track as sensitive as this issue, it goes without saying that to portray a victim of physical assault and the pain they undergo, isn’t a child’s play.

It’s something that doesn’t renders any good memories and though none can’t fathom truly the kind of emotions a victim encounters, expressing the same on-screen isn’t an easy task too and hence we got in touch with Ishqbaaz’s Shrenu Parikh who’s essaying the same here.

On asking how her personal experience was, while filming the sequence and the first thought that crossed her mind while she read the script, the actress said, “My director, my team, made it so easy for me to shoot the whole sequence! I was very nervous though to be honest. The first thought came to my mind was the FEELING of being molested! When you enact a scene or situation you have to feel how the person would feel in that situation. And it’s a scary feeling to be trespassed by a molester”.

The actress further told on being asked if she felt any pressure to make the scenes more relatable while acting. “I was a little nervous but I guess every woman has been through this at some point of time and each one will relate to Gauri for sure”, she said.

Well, we hope with such small efforts and the upcoming story in the show, women everywhere start being more vocal about incidences happened with them and fight against the injustice.



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