Shrenu Parikh Talks On Rakshabandhan – ‘We Fight, Laugh And Cry But Never Leave Each Other’s Side!’

Shrenu Parikh With Her Brother Shubham Parikh

It’s a merry morning of rakshabandhan today and while every sister and brother duo are bickering once again over their gifts, with each other, this duo of brother and sister is no different.

T town’s bubbly beauty Shrenu Parikh needs no introduction when it comes to the talented actress that she is, but this one here explores her sisterly side today.

On this rakshabandhan special, we decided to catch up with the actress to find out what she is upto this time and how is the bond with her one and only dearest brother!

‘My bond with my brother is like every sibling equation, we fight, we laugh, we cry, we do everything but never leave each other’s side. We used fight a lot in our childhood but now I guess we have outgrown that phase and now we fight maturely about serious topics.’

On asking what were her rakhi plans this time, the actress went on to tell that she has had pre-rakhi celebrations already, ditching the usual ritual of celebrating it at home with her brother since the latter is out of country right now.

Reminiscing what the fondest memory has been for her, she tells it was always the carefree celebrations, shopping together and the anticipation of getting gifts during childhood.

On further asking what has been her most special gift till dat , she said her brother’s coming over for celebrating the day has always been the special thing.

Have a look at these adorable pictures of Shrenu and her brother Shubham celebrating this lovely day together –

Shrenu Parikh With Her Brother Shubham Parikh

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