Shreya Ghoshal Trends Nationwide On Her Birthday! – Top 25 Songs By Shreya

shreya ghoshal
shreya ghoshal
shreya ghoshal
Shreya Ghoshal

She is blessed with a voice that has won the hearts of millions. Whether it is romantic or comic, sensuous or religious, you want it and you get it! Such is the voice of the unmatchable Shreya Ghoshal.

Born on 12th of March 1984, Shreya Ghoshal is celebrating her birthday today. As she touched the milestone age of 30, we can still recall the little Shreya in school uniform lip syncing to her own voice in ‘Har Taraf Har Jagah Har Kahin Pe Hai, Haan Usika Noor’ from the movie ‘Saaya’. That was 2003 and after 11 years, Shreya has come a long way. 



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