Shrushti Gupta : “So When It Comes To Erica Fernandes, She Likes Experimenting; Surbhi Chandna herself liked this outfit”

Shrushti Gupta, Surbhi Chandna, Erica Fernandes, and Hina Khan
Shrushti Gupta, Surbhi Chandna, Erica Fernandes, and Hina Khan

Shrushti Gupta has been styling big names in Telly Town which have managed become topics on social media. From Erica Fernandes, Veebha Anand, Hina Khan to Surbhi Chandna, she has styled them in a way where fan haves just been in amazed by their look. Fuze recently sat down for an interview with the creative and talented stylist. Check out the excerpt below –

Q: Can you tell us about how you got into the field as a fashion stylist?

A: So firstly I have done a course about this. It’s done from Modart International in Vile Parle.So I was like a lot into fashion. Again, love experimenting and stuff. So I thought I’m doing a course from them until six month course. It’s a short term course. So I have in my course. And from that I got a lot of knowledge about how you can experiment about colors, prints, a lot of things you know.

So from that we had a lot of master class with celebrity stylists and stuff so from that we have come to know all about was this industry basically is and we were doing how we can get into touch with people out there with celebrity and stuff like that I came into this.

Q: Can you tell us about your first major project and how that experience was like?

A: So my major project was I think with Surbhi Chandna, firstly. I’ve done styling with Vibha Anand but Surbhi Chandna – because she is very known face of Ishqbaaaz, you know that so yeah, so I got a DM from her sister and that really worked out. So it was like a nice experience, it was challenging a little bit because I wanted it to look perfect it was a first project for the cocktail she was attending, the cocktail of a co-actor, so yeah so we wanted a cocktail dress and I remember we did in a one day like you have a lot of options but at the end it didn’t fit her, so last moment I arranged something and it turned out very pretty much well because everyone liked it. We got the outfit from fancy pants in Vile Parle. So from them the outfit sold a lot! Like a lot! So that was a great one.

Q: You have a YouTube Channel sharing fashion tips and tricks. How do you have Vlogging compared to Instagram when sharing fashion tips and product recommendations?

A: So I do not own a YouTube channel to be honest, I used to that was really good really time pass one. I was very young that time so I have closed that. I only use Instagram is at the best platform nowadays in this country so yeah. There I can learn I can get knowledge more and that’s the only medium I use.

Q: You have styled many television celebrities like Surbhi Chandna, Erica Fernandes, Veebha Anand, Charlie Chauhan, and Hina Khan among others. How was the transition from being a fashion blogger to a celebrity fashion stylist?

A: I was never just as fashion blogger neither a YouTuber. I’m a normal student, I’m a psychology student to be honest and I was into makeup, I’m still into makeup, as much as I love fashion, I love makeup. Obviously both goes hand in hand both of them, so I did my course. I was a very fashionable child. I’d never want to wear something that everyone wears. I want to wear something that nobody wears. I was always into experimental so that took me and to internet speed and yeah that’s pretty much.

Q: You had recently styled Surbhi Chandna in a pink gorgeous dress for the TV Summit Awards. Did you have any styles in mind prior to the final look you had completed?

A: So basically this Gauri and Nainika and so I got it from Stage3, a rental shop, but it allows purchasing as well. So that time Surbhi Chandna herself liked this outfit and we were looking for something western and it was summit right, so you wanted something formal as well and western at the same time. This outfit I think was perfect because it was giving her western look, it was given a formal look, it was very appropriate for the occasion. So this one perfect. We went for a diamond ring, earrings, and pink heels to make it a monochrome look.

Q: You’ve recently styled Erica Fernandes twice, once for her mini vacation to Dubai and then for an award function. How’s your comfort level with her from a stylist’s perspective. Do feel comfortable experimenting different looks or stick to designs that will work without fail?

A: So when it comes to Erica Fernandes, she likes experimenting. She wants something different to be honest. She loves something that’s comfortable, nothing like it looks nice, but it’s uncomfortable. For her something that’s comfortable and looks nice at the same time. So yeah, I experiment and we talk… what would look nicer though, we have a lot of options, we keep options in need. We talk and then we come to a conclusion to an outfit according to how it fits the trial. So we experiment but we make sure that it’s comfortable look nicer doesn’t look like over the top, but it looks nicer and even appropriate.

Q: What are some trends to look out for this year?

A: So for my perspective, trends should be Sarees, pant sarees are like getting into trends. I think the pant sarees and choker necklace. There are so many designers were great sarees. I think sarees are very much into this season and indo-western, along with blazers.

Q: Some quick tips you would recommend to our readers for this month.

A: You don’t have wardrobe you can always experiment with your basics. Like you wear a light t-shirt with denim jeans you can always wear that, but is all about how you wear it. You can always knot it and you can tuck in at tranche, wear boots and accessorizing is very important.If you’re look is basic accessorizing can make your outfit look more nicer and something that looks like you have taken time. Makeup and hair these things also matter when it comes to dressing up. So if everything is on point and simple, this is best tip I can give.

Q: Based on your recent styling projects, can you share 1 look that our readers out there can replicate within a reasonable budge?

A: We can replicate Erica’s Dubai outfit. They were, very, very easy. If you see we have done for jean leather pants, shoes, and a jacket. Inside you can wear a nice top, or a shirt. If you’re an experimental person, you can wear a shirt with ruffles, and thrown on a jacket.


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