Siddharthshankar Shukla – My Dad was a Professor Who Never Restricted Me From Dreaming And Achieving Whatever I Wanted In My Life!


The young and talented AD film director, Siddharthshankar Shukla who has worked with many big names including Sachin Tendulkar, Parineeti Chopra, Akshay Kumar shared about his journey, his inspiration and much more in an exclusive interview with us.

With his hard work and dedication, from being an Assistant Director to an independent AD film director, Siddharthshankar has come a long at such a young age. Really inspiring!

Read on to know more about him and his journey.


Tell us something about yourself and your journey till now?

My Journey had already begun without me realizing that I have already fallen in love with the mother of DraMAA – CineMAA.
As a child I was very naughty. I used to land in trouble quiet frequently and to escape punishment from my mother I would make up stories. To make sure that they were convincing enough I would actually sit and think about it in my mind again and again so that there is no mistake when I narrate it. I guess I was a pretty good story teller because I did save myself most of the times.
I like to characterize things and share every minute detail. These things help me in crafting the perfect look and feel; that suits the situations. So whenever I asked myself what I would want to be the answer always would automatically be “Movies… and Camera”. So, my journey towards my dream began as soon as I finished my 12th. I started looking out for courses that would help me reach my dream job. All members of my family are well educated; but nobody, like nobody at all in my family is even remotely connected to the Film World. My dad was a professor who never restricted me from dreaming and achieving whatever I wanted in my life. He believed that your work should be something that you are passionate about. Only then will you bring out the best form of yourself in it. I can never thank him enough for this mentality that he had. Because had it not been for him, I wouldn’t have found the fitting course which has helped me a lot in the long run. Bachelor’s in Mass Media or like we term it “BMM” was the perfect course I was looking for. It helped me a lot to discover about my passion for films and myself as well. This is where I learnt the value of ideation and team work. I learnt that the AD world is completely dependent on ideation and creative entrepreneurship provided that you have a team of people who love their job. This simple concept drove me crazy. I kept educating myself throughout the three years wherein I majored in three industries (Advertising, Film making and Journalism) with over thirty subjects in that span.

When I was in college I was the head of the Film Department and there I made many raw films. Raw yet entertaining. Where others in my fraternity focused on making more serious movies, I focused more on the comic situations of our everyday life. This later helped me in my pursuit of directing and assisting in AD’s.

Who or what inspired you to be a director?

There are a lot of factors that fascinates me about being a director. Mostly all of them are inspiring. But the one thing that attracts me the most about being a director is “Power”. The Power of Vision, the power to make choices and decisions for the film. The final call on everything related to the film is made by the director. The movie that we see ultimately is actually the Directors vision.
To me an idea is something that is very precious, more like my baby. I like to cherish it, take care of it and make sure that it grows well. As a director I get the opportunity to give my idea the nurture that I want to without anyone coming in the middle. I get to see it develop into my desired result. It was this very factor that pulled me towards the world of Direction.

Any story that you would like to tell from your vision?

Every individual has some story to talk about in their life. I have loads of them too. But instead of just telling them I’ll rather prefer you seeing them on the screen which will happen very soon. I can assure you one thing though, these would be the kind of stories that you would have never seen or heard before. As I said earlier, my stories are always based on an individual’s real life. I believe that life is more magical than what we give it the credit for. Small aspects of our life that we overlook at times are actually the beginning of a beautiful story. That silly part is where the magic is happening. My stories will be the kind that people can relate to, that people can think about before going to bed, stories that will have more meaning and life to it.

What are your future projects?

I have a list of amazing and promising projects lined up this year. Looks like 2020 is going to be one hectic year for me, and I can’t tell you how happy I am about it. I never have and never will complain about excessive work because I genuinely enjoy my work a lot. True that it’s very different than what I thought it would be like, but then I accepted the reality from my first project itself.

The most memorable moment in your career so far?

This is a tough question. All the moments of career have always been memorable. But I guess the one that I will cherish the most is Ujjivan AD. This is an AD which I directed in four different languages with the best team so far. Each and every person; from spot to the actors, has given a part of them to this film.

An actor and an actress you would like to direct in the future?

Honestly all actors are amazing according to me. And the actor that I would like to direct will be the ones who fit my character. I intend to make content driven films hence my choice will be more towards actors who have done wonders in this domain like Akshay Kumar, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Ayushman Khurana, Vicky Kaushal, Deepika Padukone, etc. But now I see more and more actors are doing amazing content driven films. I would definitely like to direct a film with Ranbir, Ranveer and Deepika someday. I admire their work a lot and I really think that their best version is yet to come.


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