Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Premiere Episode Review – The Games People Play!

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The first episode Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka was certainly very interestingly shot and gave us a good glimpse into the lives of the main characters Mauli, Kunal and Nandini.

Despite my apprehensions about liking a show with an infidelity possibility in the plot, I found the premiere episode surprisingly gripping and engaging enough to keep me watching for the 40 or so minutes of its air time.


The Mysterious Beginning:

When the plot starts we are left to wonder if Mauli (Aditi Sharma) is having an affair with someone, but as the plot progresses we realise that it’s a role play game between her and her spouse Kunal (Shakti Arora).

Today’s episode gave us a snapshot of Kunal and Mauli’s life, love and work. Being doctors both are seemingly busy professionals, who still get some moments to enjoy their anniversary date somehow.

While the role play part was intriguing, well shot and much needed, to show the stage of life where the couple stands at where something additional is needed to spice up their love life, I didn’t quite enjoy these moments of the show.

However, all the mystery, seduction, suspense in the beginning worked well to hold the audience to the screen.

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  1. Nice article. It would be better if they show how kunal and mauli help nandini out of this marriage and gives her hope of a happily married life instead of kunal and nandini having an affair. We have already seen in the first episode how passionately in love kunal and mauli are. Whatever the circumstances are it wouldn’t be right to show a romantic angle between kunal and nandini. It will be nice if they show how nandini gets over this abusive marriage with kunal and mauli’s help and she build a life for herself. With rajdeep in the show there won’t be any need for another negative content.


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