A Sneak Peek Into Erica Fernandes’ Trekking Trip!

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After Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi went off-air last Thursday, we all are kind of way too curious to know that what are the actors upto now!

Well, we don’t know about everyone but we do know about our DevAkshi.

Shaheer Sheikh aka Dev is having a great time in South Africa while Erica Fernandes aka Sonakshi chose to go for a trekking trip to Bhimashankar.

Erica posted some beautiful pictures on her Instagram of the same and the pictures clearly tempt you to leave whatever you are doing right now, take a trekking trip to Bhimashankar.

Check out the pictures below –

One thing i learnt from this trip .. that life is like a trek . There are ups and down . Easy paths and real tough paths and some that first might seem impossible. But its not like there is no way out . There is always a way, you just need to find it . Thats what I thought of while i had to cross a few tough paths during this trek #upCloseAndPersonalWithNature #bhimashamker #trek #adventure #trills

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#UpCloseAndPersonalWithNature The answers to all your questions lies there ! Good morning lovely people

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Apparently, Bhimashankar is about 223 kilometres from Mumbai and if you want some peace away from the hustle bustle of the city, it’s the right place for you.

Thank you Erica, for sharing the pictures, you certainly gave a lot of us here an ideal idea of a weekend getaway.

Stay tuned to Fuze for more buzz!

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  1. Thank you for this piece Anshika.BTW,do you remember me ? I had commented on your article where you wrote about the pathetic marriage tracks which Indian TV shows come up with.I hope you are doing well.
    I hope you are following Beyhadh…I know you like that show.I watched only two shows-Beyhadh and Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.KRPK has already gone off-air and Beyhadh is also in its last phase.After these two shows…I’ll have nothing to follow(Gul and Ekta’s crap is not my cup of tea).

    Did you watch KRPKAB ?

    Lastly,I have a request.Could you please write a few more articles on Beyhadh ? The show will end in a short time and it would be good to read about it.A good show like it deserves to be written about it,isn’t it ?

    Have a great day girl !!

    • Hey Sarah, of course I remember you! ☺

      Yes, I follow Beyhadh and I know, you like it too! 😉 😉

      Yes, I watched KRPKAB regularly post 7 years leap. Before that, I didn’t.

      And, consider your request fulfilled, buddy!☺ Thank you and you too, have a great day ahead!

      • Will you accept a suggestion from me.If you do get time,please do watch the first 150 episodes of KRPKAB(they were before the leap) on YouTube.
        For anyone who is a fan of love stories you must watch them..I can assure you that you would be absolutely floored by the brilliance of those episodes.There were two particular tracks-one was a courtship track between the leads which lasted for 40-45 episodes and another was the break-up track where they broke up after dating each other for 3 months.Those are beautiful tracks.You can ask Saheli about those episodes.

        The leads fell in love,dated each other and then had a break-up.It’s a beautiful watch and just in case you get time,do watch it…you’ll totally love it.

        Lastly,I’m eagerly waiting for your Beyhadh articles.

        Have a good day !!

        • Totally agree.Those were the days when KRPKAB was at its vintage best.The way Dev and Sona fell in love and the subsequent courtship which followed is one of the best tracks I have seen on TV…absolutely brilliant it was.At a time when forced marriages are being scripted in every single show,our show came up with a courtship track.The break-up was very emotionally draining but the subsequent patch-up and their beautiful wedding was a treat to watch.

          Thank you for this piece Anshika Ma’am.Please convey my regards to Saheli ma’am.With Kuch Rang ending,her writeups for the show also ended and I really miss her articles.

          Have a good day.

      • Yes yes..plz write more articles on Beyhadh.We would love to read it.
        Eagerly waiting for the 5 year leap so that Maya slays this irritating Duffer-Dusky duo.

      • Maya should slay Duffer-Dusky.Like seriously ? I’m sorry if this offends you but after all that has happened, how can you root for maya ? That lady made Arjun’s life a living hell, killed Ashwin, tried to kill her own mother, brutally killed Vandana, was partly responsible for Prem’s death and the list goes on and on and on.
        Even after all this, you still want Arjun-Saanjh to suffer ? I totally disagree with you on that.


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