Soch With A Different Approach – Top 10 Shows That Have Been ‘DIFFERENT’ From The Rest In The Last One Decade (10 years)

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Indian TV is filled with saas bahu dramas. The TRP pressure do not even give enough space to the makers to experiment with new concepts as most of the time they do not work well with the audience. However, apart from traditional shows, there have been many daily soaps as well as some of today’s finite series that have received appraises from the viewers. Here are top 10 such ‘different’ shows with different approach that we have seen on TV in the last one decade.

Qubool Hai
Qubool Hai

1. Qubool Hai (Season 1) – The show focused on the Muslim community and initially aimed to dispel stereotypes regarding Islam and has been credited with leading the way for more Muslim oriented programming. Zoya’s dailogue while proving her point, “yeh mere kapde hain, character nahin”, created a huge wave among the then audience. The show questioned may stereotypical norms through its modern outlook during the very first season. Despite the leaps and bounds in the tracks, the show has been running successfully till date.

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