Songs That Remind Us Of Actors and Characters On Indian Television!

Indian Television
Songs That Remind Us Of Actors and Characters On Indian Television!
Indian Television
Songs That Remind Us Of Actors and Characters On Indian Television!

Dedication Of Songs To Our Beloved Actors On Indian Television! 

Music and its lyrics are the best way to express feelings. Here are some songs dedicated to some popular faces on TV. We at Fuze present to our readers a dedication of songs to the popular stars attributed to the characters they play onscreen and/or their real life.

Indian Television
Vivian Dsena

I am The Best Vivian Dsena has become the uncrowned superstar of television with his portrayal of Rishabh Kundra. We dedicated the song ‘I am The Best’ for this actor because of his character in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. Essaying the character of RK, Rishabh Kundra The Superstar is never easy. The character of RK is always super confident and he moves ahead with the belief of ‘I am The Best’.

The hot-headed guy who is proud of his achievement believes that no one is competition enough of him. Just close your imagine this song playing in your head – ‘Koi Hero Yahaan…Koi Zero Yahaan…Koi IssStar Hai…Koi Bekaar Hai…Main Kaun Hoon…Tumse Main Kya Kahoon…Hai Sach Tho Yeh Doston..I am The Best’ we are sure you are ought to be reminded of RK i.e.; ‘Right Kameena’ as he calls himself. This song is perfect fit for a character of Rishabh Kundra. Thus we dedicate this song to the actor who plays RK to perfection, Vivian Dsena.

Indian Television
Karan Tacker

Baazigar O Baazigar – The next actor on our list is Karan Tacker. We would dedicate the song ‘Baazigar O Baazigar’ to this actor. You may ask why this song? Whether reel or real, we feel this song is apt for this actor. One can associate the song with the character of Viren Wadhera, the sweet, loving, caring, adorable husband. ‘Baazigar O Baazigar Tu Hai Bada Jadugar’… As Viren Wadhera the actor surely spread his magic and bowled over the audience. Every girl who was waiting for her Prince Charming wanted the guy to be like ‘Virenji’. In real his chocolate boy charm spreads his magic and girls go gaga over one smile of his. He is a true ‘Baazigar The Jadugar’.

Indian Television
Karan Singh Grover

Yahaan Bhi Hoga Wahaan Bhi Hoga Ab Tho Saare Jahaan Mein Hoga Kya…Mera Hi Jalwa – The name Karan Singh Grover needs no introduction. The actor has been ruling hearts of umpteen number of fans for the past years. With the years going by, the actor continues to spread his magic and his number of admirers only seem to be on a rise.

The actor played Dr. Armaan Malik in Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye. After playing the character to the ‘T’ of perfection his character was eased out during the end of season 1 of DMG. Fans of the actor were left disappointed when DMG’s season 2 began and their beloved KSG was not a part of the show. They fought hard and made sure KSG was brought back in the show. Such was the actor’s magic and jalwa and if you think that was all then we would say Think Again!

Karan Singh Grover and his fans recently faced a setback when Zee TV placed allegations on the actor and he was replaced in Qubool Hai. The fans of the actor are still fighting very hard for their beloved KSG and every other day #WeStandByKSG, #JusticeForKSG, #WeSupportKSG trends on the social networking site Twitter. Even now after a replacement has been brought in, in his place in Qubool Hai the fans do not want to let go. Such is the ‘Jalwa’ of this actor. Thus when we here the song ‘Yahaan Bhi Hoga Wahaan Bhi Hoga Ab To Saare Jahaan Mein Hoga Mera Hii Jalwa’, we are reminded of Karan Singh Grover.

Whom Do You Miss The Most On Screen
Kunal Karan Kapoor

Kiska Hai Yeh Tumko Intezaar Main Hoon Na – ‘Kiska Hai Yeh Tumko Intezaar Main Hoon Na’ the song mentioned above out-rightly reminds us of Mohan Bhatnagar from Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha season 1 and season 2. Mohan Bhatnagar is an epic selfless character on television. It was as though he came,enacted and conquered the hearts with his portrayal of Mohan’s character. The song is tailor-made for the character of Mohan Bhatnagar because the character lived for others.

If you are in trouble, Mohan Bhatnagar is always there to solve it.He is the ultimate character to say ‘Main Hoon Na’ to the ones in problem. Moreover,the fans of the actor have been doing ‘intezaar’ eagerly and wish he comes back onscreen soon. And since the Kunal Karan Kapoor in real likes to travel, explore the world we feel as though ‘Ilahi’ from ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani too suits him.

Indian Television
Kushal Tandon

Badtameez Dil Maane Naa – ‘Badtameez Dil’ nowadays reminds the audience more of Kushal Tandon than Ranbir Kapoor (certain section of fans obviously!). The song has kind off become Kushal Tandon’s trademark song on television. We are sure we need not mention why Badtameez Dil has become Khushal Tandon’s trademark song, but yet we will tell you why. Kushal made his entry in the Bigg Boss 7 house with this song. This song was his introduction song before he went into the Bigg Boss Saath 7 house.

The actor for his much needed badtameezi (which was not a badtameezi but for his charging on a guy who was displaying a girl’s personal items on the camera) was asked to leave the premises of the house. With huge uproar caused by Kushal’s ouster he was brought back to the house and no prizes to guess the re-entry song was again ‘Badtameez Dil…Maane Na..Maane Na’. The song can be considered as the stamped trademark song for Kushal Tandon, at least on small screen.

Indian Television
Karan Wahi and Gautam Rode

Bade Miyan to Gautam Miyan Chotte Miyan Karan Shubhan Allah – The song ‘Koi Hume Pyaar Kare Koi Jaan Nisaar Kare..Dekhke Humko To Kehte Hain Log Bhala…Bade Miyan to Bade Miyan Chote Miyan Shubhan Allah’; reminds us of Gautam Rode ‘The Bade’ and Karan Wahi ‘The Chotte’ from Nach Baliye. The Bade and Chotte camaraderie between Gautam and Karan is way too adorable and it surely adds ‘chaar-chand’ to their hosting in Nach Baliye when they start with their ‘Yaar Bade and Yaar Chotte’ talks. The song fits the two actors perfectly well together and we would say that in Nach Balye both the Bade Miyan and Chotte Miyan are Shubhan Allah!

Indian Television
Gurmeet Choudhary

Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye – When a girl dreams about her perfect prince charming, one name that pops in the head is none other than actor Gurmeet Choudhary. A person who is sweet, handsome, charming, lovable, loyal, with looks to die for, who would not want such a guy in their life? All this mixed in one package and we have Gurmeet Choudhary. We feel that when the song ‘Mere Khwabon Mein Joh Aaye..Aake Mujhe Ched Jaaye..Usse Kaho Kabhi Saamne To Aaye’, reminds us of Gurmeet. And if we are not wrong for many of Gurmeet Choudhary fans their ‘Dream Man’ would be like the actor himself and thus the song mentioned above is somehow apt for him.

Indian Television
Barun Sobti

Dil Ne Dil Ko Pukaara Lo Main Aaya Milne DobaaraBarun Sobti is an actor with unimaginable amount of fan following. The actor with his brilliant acting ability and charming smile has swooned and won many hearts. Such high is the actor’s fan-following that when back in 2011 a contemplation was going on to replace or end the actor’s character in Star Plus’ hit show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, fans protested, mailed, called and made it clear that #NoBarunNoArnavNoIPPKND all was a chain reaction.

The number 1 GEC channel had to bow their head in front of the fans and a sudden decision of shutting down the show was taken. From that time on-wards fans of Barun Sobti are waiting eagerly, the right term to use would be ‘palkein bichakar Barun ka intezaar karr rahe hai‘. They are awaiting when his movies would hit the screen and whether he would take up something new.

It is often said ‘Out Of Sight Out Of Mind’ but in Barun Sobti’s case though the actor is currently out of sight, he can never ever be out of his fans’ minds. The apt song for the fans to sing for this actor would surely be ‘Fans Ke Dil Ne Barun Ko Pukara’ and await the time when the actor would say ‘Lo Main Aaya Milne Dubara.. Manzil Pyaar Tumhara (audience)..Main Hoon Sagar Tum (audience) Ho Kinara’.

Indian Television
Drashti Dhami

Main Heroine Hoon – Whom are you reminded of when you hear the name Madhubala? There was one yesteryear Bollywood actress Madhubala who was loved by all and today there is one popular character by thy name ‘Madhubala’ weaving her magic onscreen. Essayed by actress Drashti Dhami in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, her character in the show goes from being a girl next door to being a heroine just to bail out her husband out of trouble.

The character of Madhubala adorned the role of the heroine and appeared in front of all with the song ‘Milgayi Aaj Aasmaan Se’and the scene reminded us of the track ‘Poster ke jungle main….Glamour ke daldal mein…Roshni ki halchal mein…Gossip mein, scandal mein….Har dil mein basti hoon…Main Heroine hoon…Main Heroine hoon’.It was a perfect fit and we feel it totally suits our heroine Drashti Dhami aptly as the actress in real too adorns different characters with perfect ease.

Whether it is acting or dancing Drashti Dhami is a complete package giving and presenting a perfect package of a ‘Professional Heroine’.

Indian Television
Sanaya Irani

Desi Girl – Who do you remember of when you listen to the song ‘Dekhi Lakh Lakh Pardesi Girl…Ain’t Nobody Like My Desi Girl…Sab Toh Soni Saadi Desi Girl…Who’s The Hottest Girl In The World? My Desi Girl’ apart from Priyanka Chopra we feel that this song reminds us of the beautiful, the stunning diva of television Sanaya Irani. Sanaya Irani, an actress par excellence has played varied kind of roles on television.

Whether it was the sweet Gunjan or the bubbly Khushi or the innocent Paro, the actress has adorned the character of Desi Girl to perfection. She has played the ‘Desi Girl’ and continues to play the ‘Desi Girl’ like no other. Yes, a Desi Girl can be Soni/Beautiful but can a Desi Girl be hot? the answer is yes, indeed the beautiful Sanaya Irani is beautiful and hot. And we feel ‘Who is the hottest girl in the world. My desi girl’ is an apt fit for Sanaya Irani!

Hope our readers liked reading our dedication of songs to the actors and characters. And do let us know which song reminds you of who and why in the comment section.

Stay Tuned To Fuze For More Updates!

Author: Surya Ravi



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