Sony TV’s New Show Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein’s Promo Makes You Smile Without Any Effort! – PROMO REVIEW

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein

Sony Entertainment Television is all set to launch its new daily soap ‘Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein’. The channel has already released the first promo of the show and here’s a quick take on what we loved about it.

What Is In The Promo?

The theme of the show is how a young guy Yogi (the central character), is able to simplify the complications of daily life, although he himself is unable to speak or hear us. He is truly differently abled as he repairs a radio like a piece of chalk and proposes a girl on behalf of his friend to make life easy for both the girl and his friend who were unable to give words to their feelings. Yogi doesn’t need words to communicate, he says things by using sign language but somehow is always able to say things that others can’t.

What We Loved About The Promo?

Short and simple – We loved the central theme of the show. And Mudit Nayar as Yogi can melt your heart very easily. The cute looks of the actor is contributing a lot to the innocence Yogi should have.

The tagline of the show that Sony TV gave,”Log uljhe rehte hain sunne sunane mein, zindagi baat karti hai #IshaaronIshaaronMein”, is also one of a kind. Truly the way Yogi simplifies things will make you fall for him.

We are excited to watch this show and hopefully this would be another great breakthrough for Sony TV attracting audience’s attention.

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