Sony TV’s Upcoming Show Peshwa Bajirao’s Syed Aman Mian Speaks About His Character And The Show!

Syed Aman Mian
Syed Aman Mian

Sony Entertainment Television is all set to launch its new historical drama Peshwa Bajirao on 23rd of January 2017. Syed Aman Mian, one of the leads in the show, shared his thoughts about his character, the show and his personal life with us. Excerpts –

1. Tell us about your character
The Name is Baalu. A muscular boy full of revenge. I can’t say my character is flawless. It is a bit of Notorious but fully negative. Every time thinking how to give Bajirao a lesson. Taking ups and downs it is solely just interesting. Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment

2. Any funny moment on the sets that you’ll always remember
There’s a shot when I swim through the sea to meet Mughal emperor’s son. Shooting the whole sequence was hell fun. Although our team arranged a duplicate to do the swimming part, but I declined and decided to do it myself. Shooting in Mahabaleshwar in soo much cold was challenging but I enjoyed it!

3. One ritual you always follow before going on sets
Whenever I get the call time my first thought is when will I wake up and offer the Fajr Namaz which is offered in the early morning. So Fajr Namaz is my way to start my day.

4. Whom are you the most scared of from the team?
I think giving respect to everyone be it Production people cast, crew, director, etc is the thing everyone should do, but I only fear the almighty Allah! No one else.

5.One dialogue from your show which you relate to the most?
There are an opening scene and my entry in the show. The dialogue was Jo Khud Kuch Nahi Kar Sakta way Duro Par Raaj Chalata Hai!

6. One similarity between you and your onscreen character
Nothing is Similar. It’s totally acting I am not like that in any way. But the anger of my character is solely mine.

7. If you were given a chance to be one historical character for real, which one would you chose and why?
I would love to play Aurangzeb. I love that personality. He was so kind, helping on the other hand very clever and religious! I personally want to be like him!

8. One message for your fans
The respect and that feel of connection the people give me, makes me motivated to my work. My fans are not a just commodity for me. My dream is to meet every fan of mine. And want to know why they like me!

9. What should your fans expect from the show
It’s just a whole journey of Entertainment and suspense which all of my fans and audience will go through! Willing to give more and on a very big scale soon. Be ready to feel that. In Sha Allah

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