‘South Films Generate More Money Than Hindi Films’ – Vinod Mirani



Film making is considered one of the most intelligent art around the world, where it gives the ability to express different views of life. We have different cinema around the world, one of them is the Indian film industry, which is said to be the biggest going by the production of films per year and  has seen huge development in the last few years .We got in touch with senior film trade analyst Vinod Mirani to know more about this industry and its growth.

1- Hindi cinema has grown immensely in the recent times, but still there is lack of original cinema, which is not copied from others like Hollywood, what are your views on that? 


• Yes, either foreign films are copied or old Hindi films are remade or sequels are made of some successful films. The writers are neither paid well nor encouraged because filmmakers pose all their faith in stars to carry a film through which does not work anymore. There are a few recent examples of films which were purely a writer’s triumph; these are The Dirty Picture, Kahaani and Vicky Donor. Makers now realize that script is the backbone on which a film stands.


2- What do you think makes Bollywood an international hyper these days? 


• Since big corporate houses got involved, there has been international hype but usually it does not come to anything in most cases. Media is easily manipulated.


3- Don’t you think Indian cinema should work in exchange with Indian television, as both are a big platform currently? I mean TV actors have huge popularity why not to give these talents a chance on cinema?


• There are lot of artistes from TV working in films and the lead pair of the recent hit, Vicky Donor, Ayushmann and Yaami Gautam, are both from TV so was  Shah Rukh Khan. TV medium is used to a great extent to promote films.


4- Regional cinema still not getting the same attention as Bollywood, what could be the reason? Could it be a language barrier or lack of creativity? 


• Regional cinema is throbbing in South and doing well in Bengal while in Marathi too it is growing. Since Hindi filmmakers started subjects that people in the Hindi belt don’t identify with, Bhojpuri cinema has also turned into a regular industry. South films generate more money than even Hindi films and have a loyal market besides safe from piracy.


5- Today what according to you makes an actor in demand? Looks, acting, fit body or all together? 


• An actor needs a successful film more than anything, else he/she is thrown out. Body helps but most of all it is acting talent that works.


6- What can Indian cinema do to increase creativity ? 

• Creativity has been more seen in technical departments like cinematography, special effects and foreign shootings without paying due attention to writing/ script and that is why major films like Ra.One, Raavan, Tezz, Game, Desi Boyz, Rascals, Dum Maro Dum, Thank You, Force, Players, London Dreams; the list is endless.


We at Fuze wish to see the film industry grow with a lot of creativity and success. Stay tuned to us  for al the latest updates from the entertainment industry.



Reporter and Author: Zainab


Editor: Hina



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