Spot fixing: For real or a trap?


India has surely been in the game of controversies and scandals from the past few months or probably years. The recent IPL spot-fixing has spiced up everything. Rajasthan Royals pace spearhead Sreesanth along with Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila have been arrested on alleged charges of Section 420(cheating) and 120B(criminal conspiracy) of IPC. The charges against them are that they were in touch with bookies suspected to have links with a betting racket run at the behest of Pakistan-based underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. It is learnt that four bookies operating from Mumbai and three in Delhi have also been detained for questioning.

Delhi police say that the messages were passed from Sreesanth’s BBM and his laptop had all the details. Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar said that there are video evidences which proved that three Rajasthan Royals players were involved in spot-fixing in the Indian Premier League tournament. Evidences say that Sreesanth had given indications from the stadium before while bowling and after giving runs.

One such indication to be given by Sreesanth was to put a towel in his trouser before bowling. Police say that each person involved were supposed to give runs to the opposite team. Ankit Chavan gave more than 13 runs to Mumbai Indians. The Police also claim that Sreesanth was payed 40 lakhs and that he confessed his deeds and was teary during the interrogation. Whilst the news on television, Sreesanth’s father accused MS Dhoni. He said that it was a trap by Dhoni. BCCI President N Srinivasan said he is shocked and upset on learning about the spot-fixing scandal. He also said that one or two bad eggs cannot spoil the game and that IPL would continue. Sreesanth has already been suspended by BCCI.

We at Fuze have realized few very uneasy indigestible facts. Firstly spot-Fixing is nothing new to the world post American baseball championship in 1919. Maintaining the transparency, the biggest shock to all Indians is not that Indian Premier League was under the shade of deals but that that credibility of good cricket is at stake. But if Indian fans and the game’s administrators chose to believe that Indian players were untainted, they have only their naivety to blame. A major clean-up operation is required if cricket in India is to retain the loyalty of its fans.

Secondly, the Delhi police was really quick enough to trace the evidences and take brisk actions against the alleged, when on the other hand there are still hundreds of cases lying at the FIR table. When the whole of India was protesting against the horrendous rapes and corruption, the police were nowhere to be seen. And this not so sudden fixing led them to very fast interrogations. This makes us think whether this is a real game or a pre-planned trap. Let all Indians hope that justice be brought though we all might have gone out of our wits hoping for the same.

Author: Aabha Muralidharan
Editor: Saheli Goswami

Graphics: Pragya Mohta


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