Suhani Si Ek ladki : Suhani Bahu – The New Modern Day Doormat Bahu of Star Plus

Message That Is Being Delivered By The Show

Disclaimer : The below article is published under the viewers’ uncut section. The article is not penned by any of our staff. It entirely depicts the views of the writer and the concerned aggrieved viewer of the show.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki is a very ordinary show with very ordinary characters. Yet somehow it managed to captivate the TRP audience as well as online fans and made a non prime time slot a hit TRP slot for Star Plus. Fans of the show rejoiced at the fact that a female lead character who did not cry every second day and was not weak was being accepted by the TRP audience.

Unlike other shows where fans keep waiting for the weak and less confident girl to grow a back bone and fight for her rights, this show was the reverse. We were watching a character, waiting to see how her character would develop from being a confident, strong girl, who loved life, would deal with being lied to and betrayed by her near and dear ones. Suhani had on every level been disrespected, mocked and made to feel as if she was filth for the colour of her skin, for the fact that she was a middle class, for her thoughts, for the way she dressed, for the things she ate and for her body mass. Viewers were eagerly waiting to see what would happen next to this character and the show.

But what we expected and what we got was nothing but mediocrity for months. We got nothing but bad editing, bad dialogues and worse bad writing and storytelling from the SSEL team. Instead of showing a strong woman who had been brought down by the people who were close to her and had self doubt about herself, mistrust against the world (which is natural), we instead got a weak, indecisive woman who does not know the difference between right and wrong, is obsessed with being a maid and cleaning her in laws’ house and does not at all respect or love herself.

The viewers of the show have learnt 10 things from Suhani being shown as the new age modern day doormat bahu of Star Plus.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki - Twisted Love Marriage
Suhani Si Ek Ladki – Twisted Love Marriage

1. Twisted Love Marriage- Think about a love marriage where your husband never touched you, does not want to be near you, is often mean to you and screams and tells you, ‘you do nothing right’ and to ‘just shut up’. Do young girls love such a person? Of course not. But Suhani’s mentality is, ‘my patidev loves me, but he is just a confused sadu face. So what if we never made love and we married for love, he is patidev and he is just getting used to me’.

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