Surbhi Chandna : I Am Very Emotional About ShivIka

Surbhi Chandna In Ishqbaaz

It is not everyday that you get around to talking with a celebrity who is your namesake, even has the same initials but I did manage to get around to talking to Surbhi Chandna, who is total fun to converse to.

While we were at it, we managed to talk about her latest win at ATVA awards, her sizzling chemistry with co-star Nakuul Mehta and the colourful consummation scene that looked nothing short of painting.

During the conversation, we also broached on the upcoming vanvaas track that has become the talk of the town already.

Excerpts from the interview.


How will you describe your journey of Anika so far?

It is beautiful yar…It is a beautifully sketched character. It is one character that has all these ups, downs and all kinds of emotions. I think as an actor it has been a very big challenge to play Anika.

I never expected that I would have to pull off all the comedy and also be serious, to be sombre or to be someone that has not such a good past.

So all kinds of emotions I had to emote. There was a phase where SSO used to manhandle me but that was also out of love, that is how he is and how she has made him fall in love with her.

The whole journey is beautiful. As an actor, I have quite enjoyed it as I got to play so many emotions on screen.

Shivaay And Anika From Ishqbaaz

What has been your favourite track from the journey of Ishqbaaaz?

If I had to pick, then I like the track where I lose my memory. Of course, it was more that SSO and I as a team pretended that I have lost my memory.

Then there was this track where Anika came to the realisation that she has fallen in love with SSO. Anika has never been in love, she does never felt that kind of emotion but then she fell in love with SSO.

In fact I was watching this episode only yesterday. So there is this whole scene, where she hides as she cannot see SSO eye to eye and also if he even touches her, she breaks down because she realises how can she be in love with this person.

I think we have had some very good track. We have had these rom-com tracks like there was one where we had a baby come in. I used to love when Tia was around and there were Tia-Anika scenes. Our show has been beautiful that way.

Nakuul Mehta And Surbhi Chandna As Shivaay And Anika In Ishqbaaz
Nakuul Mehta And Surbhi Chandna As Shivaay And Anika In Ishqbaaz

Anything about the Anika-Shivaay relationship that you would want to change?

Of course in the initial phase where Shivaay manhandles me, that I may want to change but now the journey is so beautiful.

The progression has been phenomenal. How these characters have fallen in love, stand by each other, protect each other. Duniya gayi tel lene pehle ek dusre ko protect karte hai.

They don’t even think about themselves. So, there is nothing that I would want to change about them as it is the equation that works and get us best Jodi awards.

Nakuul Mehta And Surbhi Chandna

What according to you is the raaz for this sizzling chemistry that is getting you so many awards?

I don’t know. We are still trying to figure out, which is again very nice. I think when you know what works then the magic goes. The magic is when you have no clue on why it is working. It is mysterious.

Also we understand our characters so well. We have also now come to stage where in we know when he is giving me a line and how I have to emotionally emote.

Both Nakuul and I are very emotionally connected to our characters and the pair. I am very emotional about Shivika.

So when I play scenes with SSO, magic just happens. I like it that ways. I don’t know what works. However, whatever we do, I feel it, we take our time to find the root to perform it. So we achieve that realism. I think why people are able to connect to us is because we are real. We don’t go overboard with our acting. We keep it very subtle and guess that translates on television and looks pretty.


There are also those Anika dialogues that we have gotten use to like 2 Rupees?

(Laughs) So in real life as Surbhi, I am not at all like that. Yeah I am very mastikhor. I have been friends with my dialogue writers Divi and Aprajita for quite some time.

I have done a show earlier with them too which is called Qubool Hai and now we are doing Ishqbaaaz and we also party together.

So they have picked some instances of my language but they deserve the full credit to incorporate that into the character. There are so many words that they have added to my vocabulary such as michmichi, tadibaaz that I had not even heard before.

So we say these words like tai tai phis but then we use those within a dialogue. Even today I was doing this emotional scene with Daadi and I was telling her that koi bhi mushkil aayegi to hum uski tai tai phis kar denge. It is her vocab but the way she mentions, it feels so real. So I give them full credit, they invent so many of such words.

Even people when they come to take selfies with me, they always request to say some of these dialogues.
I like how they have made it, also I try to keep it real when I say those words. It is not very easy to use these words in a sentence like that as they can end up looking very odd or even funny.

But I try to own them and say. I think it is important and I am trying to do that to the best I can.


There are so many people now re-entering the show, so where do you think the track for Ishqbaaaz is now progressing?

I think it is heading in the right direction now. This is why people had put in their trust to the show. Honestly we are now heading into the vanvaas track as it is very evident.

The new promos are out. Ram Sita’s Vanvaas is what we are playing around. It is a separation track. It is full of emotion and a lot of drama.

Seperation as in Shivay Anika separating?

No no. That is not going to happen (laughs). No, Shivika won’t separate. Shivika will leave the house as Shivaay being the great wall of sacrifice will take matters in his own hands.

Surbhi Chandna With Leenesh Mattoo And Kunal Jaisingh
Surbhi Chandna With Leenesh Mattoo And Kunal Jaisingh

So in vanvaas will Lakshman also go with you or will it be Bharat accompanying?

Bharat won’t go but he will try and bring us back. Lakshman won’t go for sure. I don’t know we are still trying to crack a story.

We are filming the episodes where we shall be leaving the house. So let’s see but yeah we are leading to the vanvaas tack as predicted by Svetlana about Lanka ko aag lagegi. So the track looks very promising.

Ishqbaaz (Image Courtesy : Star Plus/Hotstar)

So till now what has been the most difficult to shoot… was it the consummation track with all the paint…..?

Don’t even get me there yaar. The only thing that I remember now is what I had to go through after the whole shoot. I lost a lot of hair but the visual was so stunning.

I have not seen something like this on television. I seriously feel that I am very blessed. So the complements that I have been getting including that from my mom were that it did not look vulgar or cheap rather it looked sensuous, it looked sexy and it looked that the two people were in love. It was not like the typical consummation scene on television.

We wanted to achieve something and we managed to achieve that. It was a difficult shoot and yes I lost a lot of hair but it was totally worth it as we got so many compliments for that.

As Shivaay Anika also we had to progress and through that consummation that journey looked so complete.

Surbhi Chandna, Mrinal Deshraj and Gul Khan

Tell us one thing about Anika that you truly love and one thing that you truly hate?

Well I am not sure that a character like Anika exists. Of course, she does in form of her fun antics being blunt, being bold but scarifying everything for husband… sure people do that when they are in love. We are living in an era where I think that people don’t do that anymore as we keep hearing about so many divorces.

Both these characters have such a beautiful love that they share. Anika has gone through so much, like the initial manhandling by Shivaay and has very tactually handled the situation.

So I think these are some very beautiful things about Anika. I keep getting tweets that how people like the character, they look up to her and she is an inspiration.

I also like the fact that she is so blunt and stands up for what she believes in life. She does not shy away from standing up for anybody.

If there is a family matter, she will not be a typical bahu that will sit quietly in the corner. She will speak her mind ; She is sweet, funny, loving.

People have been able to connect with the character because it is such a real character. I don’t think I dislike anything about her. Yeah, she cries too much that I don’t like.

Navina Bole, Surbhi Chandna and Lalit Mohan

Apart from Nakuul, who do you get along the most on the sets?

We all get along really well with each other. We eat our lunches together. I have the girls with me, Mansi, Shrenu, Reyhna, now Neha is back, Navina is back too.

Navina is such a nice vibe to have. I was the most excited when I got to know that Navina was getting back. She has been such a help throughout the journey.

Being so old in the industry, she is one person who has always been supportive. She will tell what kind of makeup works. Even working as contemporises, there is completion as well as she was also paired opposite Shivaay and so was I but she as a person is total opposite of her character on screen.

She will guide you, she will be there for you, she will hear you out and she is such a nice soul. So I am very happy to have her back on set.

Surbhi Chandna And Nehalaxmi Iyer

Neha has been like a baby doll for me. Today we met after so long. She has been like a sister.

So I have all the three girls Shrenu, Mansi, Reyhna. Similarly me, Leenesh, Kunal have bonded so well with SSO.

Nakuul Mehta, Leenesh Mattoo And Surbhi Chandna
Nakuul Mehta, Leenesh Mattoo And Surbhi Chandna

There is also Siraj who plays my father in law Shakti, he is such a fun on sets. Hence you will see a lot of my posts saying that Ishqbaaaz is one set where the energy is just right.

There is no sh*t happening, so there is only work and then post work there is only fun. I was telling them also when they were congratulating me for the win that we are blessed with the right kind of people. I think people will want to be on a set like this.


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  1. Surbhi chandna the queen of a indian television one of the bestest and finest our tellywood have the actor is so best when she act each and every is very natural never thought she is acting in daily soap love yu surbhi chandu thank gulkhan and ishqbaaz to give us our khidkitodh annika aka sc

  2. Wow what a interview you tell whole heartily and all schenes you like that also bestest schenes in all favourite schene currently November month all ShivIka or ishqbaaaz all episode my one of the favorite now December I was not seen ever in television like ShivIka story progression in tv serial so I am in love with Ishqbaaaz like crazy or what people think mostly I love ❤😘Surbhi Chandana you 😘❤❤❤

  3. We luv Anika for what she is n thank u Surbhi C for playing this character so well. Never till date have I ever liked the characters so much. Kudos to your effortless acting. All the best. I know Vanvaas track is gonna be heart drenching but let’s hope u won’t make us cry too much!

  4. Those with the midas touch need not find out what works and how…whatever they touch, becomes golden hued…lovely Ms.Chandana, you are undoubtedly ‘the’ most talented female actor on the scene today…whatever role you do, will be history for sure and there’s nothing to decode here 🙂
    Annika would never have been this khidkitod had somebody else played her…

    Having said that, grateful to both Surbhi C’s for not raking up the surname saga during the course of interview…the way at certain times, the kinds of sacrifices Annika had to make, refusal to adopt her husband’s surname lost relevance….anyways, crying or smiling, Annika will be the most endearing soul ever..

  5. Soo eagerly waiting for d vanvaas track to start……it will surely be a roll coaster ride …high on emotions and this track will bring d best of very actor in d show.

  6. Thanks for this piece Surbhi.

    Surbhi Chandana is a terrific actress and she’s been very good in her portrayal of Anika.She’s a powerhouse of talent and richly deserves all the accolades coming her way.

    It’s interesting that she’s spoken quite a few times about Shivaay’s manhandling.I always felt that Anika didn’t give it back to Shivaay as much as I would have liked to see.I also agree with whatever she has said when asked as to what she dislikes in Anika.I just hate it when they turn Anika into a crybaby….she does cry a lot for my liking.The issue is that they make her cry for the smallest of things.

    I also agree with Surbhi regarding Anika’s ‘sacrificial tendencies’ when it comes to Shivaay.I still remember how in order to save Shivaay from a murder case, she had falsely accepted that Shivaay had spent a whole night with her…that was utterly stupid.The worse thing is that she did that at a time when SSO was still manhandling and insulting her.Again, they laid the foundation of the separation track by turning Anika into a sacrificial devi.She misbehaved with Shivaay so that he throws her out of the house.All that drama just to protect Shivaay from the truth that he was “najayaz”.It all turned out to be false later.In both cases, she killed her self-respect and came across as a complete doormat.

    She had a career before marriage but she’s hardly bothered about it post-marriage.

    Anika has so many unique qualities but these above mentioned traits ruin the essence of her character.

    There are very few shows on Indian TV where the female lead isn’t a crybaby and is career oriented and as good as the male lead professionally.I would have loved Anika to be one of them but sadly that’s not the case.
    Having said that, Anika is still one of the better female leads on television.Despite the shortcomings she’s still a good character and Surbhi has portrayed her fabulously.

    I am really excited about the vanvaas track.It has huge potential if executed well.

    I guess I’ve written a lot.

    Just my POV…no intention of offending anyone.

      • What you have said is true … in most of the cases … in Indian TV soaps these major exaggeration and scarifies drama is unavoidable…
        but yes … they should have shown her owning a career for herself… that’s the only thing I felt

    • Agree completely with you Mystique…this being the story of three brothers, the equation will always be lopsided in favor of male leads and hence, it is very unlikely that the makers will focus on any of the female leads’ career…besides, blackmailing and sacrifice are the USP of the show..a woman’s professional expertise will never fit in here…


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