Surbhi Chandna Shares Some Words Of Wisdom – READ HERE

Surbhi Chandna
Surbhi Chandna

Everyone at times needs a little motivation and honesty about some stuff here and there. It’s even great to come across some random piece to calm your brain down and take advice from our idols, elders, and friends.

Guess who the one is making the lead to do it in our telly town now? Yes, it’s none other than the gifted and talented Surbhi Chandna. The girl who’s slaying and how on the covers of a recent issue of FHM magazine is all preaching about something that you’d like to get your ears on.

The diva had apparently compromised a lot on her love for food before this shoot but looks like she compensated it in a way even better after it.
So just when she did pull a stunt, she learned something from it and didn’t fail to spread her thoughts with her fan family too.

Here’s what the actress had to write about taking the right meal at the correct timings and of course what to avoid. –

Now that’s something to take note of. Isn’t it?


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