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Love stories, fantasy novels and romantic comedies always intrigue the audience right from the start of the show. Sony Television’s Chhanchhan is one serial on air that falls under the category of drama, romance and comedy which features the gorgeous Sanaya Irani playing the lead character of Chhanchhan. This week in Chhanchhan was totally dedicated to the blooming attraction between the lead protagonists Chhanchhan (Sanaya Irani) and Manav (Farhan Khan). Thursday’s episode provided just the right amount of icing on the cake, as Manav finally confronts Chhanchhan regarding his feelings within the ending precap.

Let’s rewind and settle down with some popcorn and soda as we dive deep into this romantic comedy! Recently the viewers witnessed a new twist in the tale within the Sony Television’s Chhanchhan, when Manav (Farhan Khan) and Chhanchhan (Sanaya Irani) slowly grew into friends after Manav daringly saves Puchpuch and Chhanchhan at the camp. They resolve all their issues and their misconceptions about each other as they start conversing. Somewhere their silence conveyed more words than their actual actions. Manav and Chhanchhan frequent meetings soon transforms into attraction.  Manav, who is allergic to dogs changes his perspective as he takes anti-allergic pills to attend Puchpuch’s birthday party. His restlessness and silent desires to meet Chhanchhan is evident to the viewers. Not only Manav, but Chhanchhan’s ideal family has seen the spark flying between Chhanchhan and Manav! Blushing, describing their ideal partners and lost in thoughts, both the leads surely are tangled within the laws of attraction.

In the midst of brewing chemistry, Umaben (Supriya Pathak) finds herself flabbergasted at the fact that her son is found acting like a puppy after hanging out with his “new friend”, for whom Manav is changing his habits. Umaben beings to follow Manav, but is left pondering in vain as to who Manav is spending his time with. Following the birthday party, ardent fans got to witness the friendship developing into the feeling of attraction with the passage of time.

The powerful and smart Umaben plays checkmate within her web of intentions as she begins her search for the perfect bride, as Manav’s lie was caught. Her suspicions turn to fairly easy task as she bribes Himanshu (Dheeraj Miglani) with delicious Gujarati dishes. As a result, Himanshu blurts out information and promises Umaben that he will arrange a meeting with Manav’s new friend. It seems like Chhanchhan and Umaben are going to engage in a face-off, yet again.

In the mist of all this hullabaloo, Manav’s friend Hitesh tells Umaben that he wants to marry Purvi (Deeya Chopra) only. Umaben gets offended and talks ill about Purvi, however Manav’s mature decision to support Hitesh reflects a changed Manav. He seeks help from Chhanchhan and on her advice, tells Hitesh to marry Purvi without caring of society’s norms. Hitesh apologizes to Purvi and proposes to her, further  Purvi says a yes and accepts the proposal.

Unknown to the fact, both Chhanchhan and Umaben have crossed each other’s paths, however how long can these two continue without quarrels, for how long can Chhanchhan and Umaben’s face-off be avoided is something to be seen, Chhanchhan and Umaben think in a complete opposite direction. Surely the viewers didn’t witness Chhanchhan facing Umaben’s wrath in this week, however most probably next week’s episodes will up the ante and light up with fireworks! With the court marriage between Hitesh and Purvi going to happen soon, Umaben’s evil intentions formulate towards reality.  Will Manav and Chhanchhan save the going to be couple’s court marriage, before Umaben plays her cards and plans up her sleeve, that will break apart the blooming bonds of friendship and love? Will Manav and Chhanchhan’s growing friendship and blossoming relationship face the turbulence of Umaben’s evil intentions or will their growing friendship crumble amidst the happening this is something that has to be waited and watched out for in Optimystix Entertainment’s Chhanchhan.

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Author: Dipti Shah

Editor: A. Patel

Graphics: Pragya Mohta


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