Tashan E Ishq – Five Reasons Why We Love This Changed Yuvi In The Show

Tashan E Ishq
Tashan E Ishq
Zain Imam As Yuvraj In Tashan E Ishq
Zain Imam As Yuvraj In Tashan E Ishq

Yuvraj is the bad-boy whose day never ended without troubling others or doing bad with anyone. But he has now changed and he has definitely changed for the good. There are a few reasons why we are loving the change in Yuvraj after the leap –

The prankster

There used to be a time when Yuvi would play with everyone’s emotions and their lives but now he has changed. He plays pranks on everyone. He loves making everyone laugh and lessen their pain. And we love the way he is spreading happiness in everyone’s life now.

Tashan E Ishq
Tashan E Ishq

He has become responsible

Yuvi has now become a responsible guy who now helps to run the family business, takes care of everyone and the small little things that are related to his family members. He is also taking care of Twinkle as a friend and their pair is looking very cute together.

He makes everyone smile

The news of Kunj’s demise had broken everyone but Yuvi took the responsibility to be everyone’s strength, gave them hope and keep that smile on their face intact. He did every possible thing to make them smile, he even tried to act stupid or accidentally did things that made all smile.

Tashan E Ishq
Tashan E Ishq

He can’t see anyone in pain

The one who couldn’t stay without giving pain to anyone now cannot see anyone in pain. He tries to do anything possible to lessen the pain in other’s life. This new Yuvi is like an angel for everyone.

He wants to help every one

Yuvraj Luthra who couldn’t help himself is now helping everyone. He started it with saving Twinkle and Kunj’s life but now he is taking care of Kunj’s family like his own family.

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  1. But what about that which he did bad?? No punishment for those crimes!! What he is doing its just his obsession to stay near twinkle !! I am sure kunj ke muder mei bhi iska haath hoga otherwise divers ke dhoondne per bhi body nahi molu thi toh body gayi kaha thi and hospital jaise pahunch gayi police ne search nahi kiya ?? Hospital ne bhi inform nahi kiya why?? Answer Dega yuvi !! Criminal activity what he did in past there is no forgiveness for them!!


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