Ten Reasons Why Sanjivani Is Being Loved By The Masses – 100 Episodes Special


The second shift of Star Plus’ Sanjivani has been one of the unconventional lot that might not be bursting the TRP meters but has managed to garner all the attention of the audiences across the nation.

The show has now successfully hit the century with the completion of 100 episodes yesterday and on this happy occasion we’re here to strike a reminder as to why the viewers are loving the show –

1. Being based on a medical background, it was a huge relief from the daily saas bahu sagas.

2. Obviously it had to be watched since it was the second season of the huge hit ‘Sanjivani’.

3. With the few characters from the parental show like Dr. Shashank and Dr. Juhi, it gave us all the more reason to watch the show.

4. The fresh batch of interns are always a delight to watch. The energy of the young new actors is always contagious.

5. The blend of medical knowledge that comes with the romantic tracks is an added bonus at times.


6. Sidisha aka everyone’s beloved Sid and Ishani are in fact the whole and sole reason for the maximum population to watch the show. Their sizzling chemistry wouldn’t let you turn away from the screen. Surbhi Chandna and Namit Khanna are impressive in the show.

7. Apart from the love that Sidisha emits, their banter is another major reason why people absolutely love the show.

8. The huge set which is not less than an actual hospital itself gives the show a realistic touch and makes it convincing.

9. The grueling twists and turns in a completely different storyline from the usual can make you wonder how far your imagination can go.

10. Last but not the least, who doesn’t watch it for the latest fashion and style they bring as inspiration. How to follow doctors fashion in short!


  1. It is being loved?? The TRPs do not say so!!!!

    It ruined Sanjivani 1!!!

    Vardaan is good as a villain!!!

    But it uses saas-bahu tracks of hero marrying a girl in majboori!!!!


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