Tere Vede – The New Music Video Starring Preetika Rao Conveys A Thought Provoking Message On Child Abuse!

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Preetika Rao
Preetika Rao

Preetika Rao, the ‘Beintehaa’ actress is loved and adored by her fans to a great extent.

The actress has recently featured in a music video ‘Tere Vede’ by Manpreet Dhami.

The music video has a thought provoking message. As the video begins, the man asks the girl (Preetika Rao) to move on. But the woman is unable to overcome what she has undergone. Thus, she walks away.

As the story opens up, it is revealed as a child the girl was sexually molested. The guy does not give up hope and continues to pursue the girl. Ultimately being successful, the woman runs to the man.

In silence a message is revealed that ‘he’ too has undergone sexual abuse. The video gives a message against the generalization that only a female child/ woman faces sexual abuse and suffers is not right. Even young boys and men face it too.

The music video makes you stop and think!

Watch The Music Video Here –

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