The 5 Most Intriguing Daily Soaps On TV Currently And Why So – RANKED

Shrenu Parikh

1. Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna

What you will love in the show?
The unpredictability factor in the storyline. Stay prepared to get surprised when you least expect it. And of course the two other things that audience would live in the show is Shrenu Parikh as Janhvi and Zain Imam as Kabir. Kabir’s righteousness makes him a hero but Shrenu Parikh makes Janhvi the star of the show.

Ek Bhram Sarvagun SampannaThe scene we loved recently? – Is there any doubt about it? Undoubtedly it would be Kabir and Kavya’s scene in the party wherein Kabir reveals to Kavya about the truth of Vyom and asks her to trust him. Her ‘tumpe bharosa nahi karungi to kispe karungi’ was just the cherry on the cake that had set their love story rolling in full pace since then. The scene had an overwhelming passion and emotion mixed with it that made the sequence magnetically magical. We ask for more such well written scenes please.

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What kept us on the edge of our seats? The plots and twists if course that kept coming our way, all thanks to Janhvi. But one of the thrilling sequence had to be the one wherein Janhvi gets kidnapped. So until the next turning point in the story comes across, we are waiting on the edge of our seats.



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