The Economic Times launches its Brand Campaign Against Half Knowledge


The Economic Times launches its Brand Campaign Against Half Knowledge


Mumbai, March 11, 2013. While there is nothing as beneficial as knowledge, there is nothing more harmful than a lack of it or, what is commonly referred to as Half Knowledge. Half Knowledge is all around us – in office corridors, on the train commute back home, in conference room meetings. Sometimes it provides us a laugh or two by making a blunder. But most other times, it can be damaging in the way it steers conversations with dangerous consequences. Not only is it contagious but hinders an individual’s growth.

The Economic Times is proud to stand up against Half Knowledge by launching a campaign to draw attention to this malaise, thereby helping arrest its growth. ET provides incisive and analytical coverage of developments, and is rightly positioned to take on Half Knowledge.

This campaign contextualizes Half Knowledge situations in people’s daily lives, and will be seen extensively across mass media in Print, TV, Outdoor, Radio, Digital, Social Media, Corporate Parks & even Coffee Shops.

Lowe Lintas + Partners conceived the campaign. Arun Iyer, NCD said that, “While we started thinking upon the campaign, we hit upon this thought that the most subtle evil that exists in Corporate India is Half Knowledge. And this Half Knowledge is masked usually with over-confidence. There are opinions and very firm ones at that, flying all around us. We feel that the biggest contribution that ET can make to this country is to increase the depth of knowledge. Because the more we know, the more we grow as individuals and as a country.”

Ravi Dhariwal, CEO – Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. said, “This initiative has been launched to highlight the pitfalls of Half Knowledge. ET has always focused on providing readers with the complete picture on every news story so that they never take decisions based on superficial intelligence. And, in that endeavor, lies our commitment to fight Half Knowledge.”


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