The Girl In Room 105 – Chetan Bhagat’s New Book Trailer Is Mysterious – Watch The Trailer Of The Book!

Still From The Trailer Of The Girl In Room 105
Still From The Trailer Of The Girl In Room 105

Chetan Bhagat’s new book titled ‘The Girl In Room 105’ is all set to on 9th October 2018. Taking a different route Chetan Bhagat has released a 2 minutes 14 seconds video trailer for the book.

Have you ever heard of a Book having a video teaser? No right! But here you have it with the trailer of The Girl In Room 105 out. The idea is innovative and creative.

The trailer opens up with a guy Keshav Raj Purohit (Vikrant Massey) talking about his life and from his words, it is clear his life is nowhere he wishes it to be. He has a girlfriend, no wait an ex-girlfriend whom he stills misses. Keshav goes on to talk about his ex-girlfriend Zara Lone. He mentions Zara is a Muslim and is from Kashmir.

And next Keshav has a question, he asks, “Did I tell you my father is a senior member of the RSS?”.

The trailer of the Book is rather very interesting. What makes it mysterious is when he gets a message from his ex (who he has stalked on every available social networking website and she has moved on) to meet like old times,climbing the tress to reach her hostel room.

Keshav sets out but when he reaches the hostel room, he faces the unexpected. Zara does not respond to his call and Police siren starts blaring in the background.

There lies the mystery that intrigues and draws your interest. Who messaged Keshav and where is all this going to take him? It is not a love story, but an ‘Unlove Story’.

The Girl in Room 105 being the ‘Unlove Story’ seems rather very mysterious and promises to keep you on the edge of your seats while you read it, this October 2018.

We must say the marketing strategy to launch the book via a trailer is grabbing attention and is innovative. You can pre-order the book on

Watch The Intriguing And Mysterious Trailer Of The Book Below.

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