The #MeToo Effect – Top 6 Headlines Of The Day That You Ought To Know!


The #MeToo movement has gained momentum and after every few hours a new revelation or a big name is coming up shocking us to the core.

To summarize the news, here’s top 5 headlines that talks about the day’s #MeToo effect. Take a look.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan Speaks Up Against Vikas Bahl –

Producer and Director Vikas Bahl was alleged of misconduct and misbehaviour by a fellow Phantom colleague and also Kangana Ranaut.

And now actor Imran Khan too came forward and spoke up what he had heard directly from other actresses about Vikas Bahl.

He told in a statement to, “I remember being at a party where there were other people from the industry also present. I had raised my concern about how MeToo had become such an important movement in the West but back in India, a man like Vikas was still allowed to work. At that point, everyone thought that I was making an issue out of nothing and I realized then that I was standing on the wrong side of what people thought of his actions”.

He further said, “I know at least three other actresses who have faced an ordeal similar to the girl in question. Vikas was with UTV then and had told them straight up, ‘you will get the role but what will I get?’ He has been indulging in such activities ever since but no one had come out against him, until now.”

He concluded his statement saying, “I have decided to make my position known on this issue because unlike two years ago when I was forced to be cordial with this man at public events, I do not intend to shake his hands and smile at him.”

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