The Most Awaited And Hyped Title Track Of Bepannaah Is Out!


Aditya Hooda and Zoya Siddiqui are all set to start afresh. Leaving the scars of the past Aditya and Zoya from Bepannaah are on the enroute to heal.

Bepannaah original track of ‘Bepannaah si mohabbat ki hai……Mere dil ko tere dil ki zaroorat hai’, was a much talked about title track. The song is finally out.

In the episode when finally Zoya and Aditya bid goodbye to Yash and Pooja and go their separate ways, the title track starts playing.

As the rhythm of the title track starts strumming, it depicts AdiYa’s ‘zaroorat’ for each other with subtle precision.

Sung by Rahul Jain, the song, the lyrics create a soulful connect adding a nice tune of melody to Zoya and Aditya’s story.

The composition is beautiful. We are sure once you listen to the track, it will be on repeat mode in your playlist.

Tune in and listen to the song now and sway to the rhythm of AdiYa.

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