The Parallel Between Karan V Grover And Tom Here Is Something That Will Leave You Nodding In Agreement

Karan V Grover

Star Plus’ Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is just an amazing show for not only one but numerous reasons. .

One of the very reasons is the super smashing male lead and everyone’s favourite Karan V Grover aka Dr Rohit Sippy.

The man and his versatile and perfectly timed expressions has made him the centre of the viewers’ attention and everyone simply cannot stop staring and appreciating at the way he plays with just expressions.

The fans of the actor are no less though. Their unique and creative ability has led them today to draw a parallel between the famous Tom from the Tom and Jerry cartoon and this edit will make you silently nod in agreement while you can just cover your mouth to stop the giggles or breaking into laughter.

The cuteness quotient is full on while we couldn’t agree more on the expressions that come across as so spot on!

Check out the post below to have a look –



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