The Spoil-Err Saga Of Ishqbaaz – Take 2!


None is unaware from the number of vivacious spoilers the viewers keep getting with regards to this show and even in one of our earlier articles we listed out some random spoilers which tend to create a lot more hoopla than the actual show.

And the wheel of time seems to run quite fast for this show as once again the raining of spoilers in reference to the current track is making us go all berserk and we couldn’t help but jot down them here for you too! Why should only we bear the torture alone after all!?


1. Rift Among The Obros For Pari –

So this was the weirdest I read till now which stated a third world war to be raged amongst the brothers who can, without blinking an eye, die for each other.

So apparently there was to be a rift between Obros regarding Pari’s real dad but Pari came, she cried and she went away too and we are still waiting here to witness Omkara and Shivaay hurling abuses at each other and then shouting ‘shut up’ Rudra together!

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