The Work Profiles Of These Leading Ladies Inspire You! – Do You Know About These Real Queens Of The Fields?

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The leading ladies of Indian television inspire you. These onscreen women set a benchmark and you wish to follow their footsteps.

But are you aware that in real too they are women in similar fields and work profiles and they are an hands down inspiration.

Let us take a look at the real and reel ladies whose work out and out ‘inspires and motivates’!



Avni – Runs An Orphanage (Naamkarann)

Avni Ayesha is a woman who inspires on all accounts. An illegitimate child, she makes sure no child in her care feels unwanted.

She runs an orphanage and even if she finds it hard to meet the ends, she still fulfills the children’s needs. She is selfless.

She is a woman who in order to treat all children equally, did not accept her blood as her own and her son was treated the same way she treated the other kids.

Sindhutai Sapkal (Image Courtesy :

Real –

Sindhutai Sapkal – Mother Of Orphans

Sindhutai Sapkal’s life began as an unwanted child. She has faced difficulties in life and has gone on to be the mother of 1400 and more homeless children.

The 68 year old inspirational woman is often called mother of orphans. Adopting any child she came across who were abandoned/ orphaned, she gave them a new lease of life. She gave away her biological daughter to Shrimant Dagdu Sheth, in order to remove the feeling of partiality among all children.

She has received more than 500 awards for her outstanding support for orphans, including the National Award for Iconic Mother.

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  1. Uh.Oh.!
    so was she the inspiration behind Avni’s child popping up. well that wasn’t expected until it happened.
    Kudos., to SINDHUTAI fr her selfless contribution to this society..


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