‘There Is Essentially Nothing As An Ideal Life’ Says Ritvik Arora In His Latest Post With A Strong Message

Ritvik Arora
Ritvik Arora

Ritvik Arora, the actor debuted on Indian television back in the year 2017. He debuted with Tu Aashiqui on Colors and is currently seen in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke on Star Plus.

Ritvik Arora
Ritvik Arora

The people around the world are coming across not very good things on a daily basis and these turbulent occurrences have somehow lead every one of us to react in our own way.

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Ritvik Arora
Ritvik Arora

From the common people to the Bollywood and even the television celebrities, the struggle to find a ray of hope and keep going whilst holding it for dear life is the only way all can tread through this.

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Amidst the mess and chaos, t town’s handsome actor ‘Ritvik Arora’s ‘ post is like the much needed read to stay motivated and how.

Ritvik Arora
Ritvik Arora As Kunal In Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

The actor who plays everyone’s favourite Nanko aka Kunal from Star PlusYeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, had been off from the social media since a while and is now back .

The actor posted a picture of his with a caption that draws all the attention.

Ritvik AroraThe actor aptly talks about the social validation and the need for finding oneself and sharing what all can keep us going in life.

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The words seem like the positive thing that one might not want to miss at the moment.

Take a look at what the actor has to say –

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As you all know I was off social media for the last month. Alot has changed and I got a chance to discover myself once again. Voluntarily or not, we often find ourselves literally living for social validation online and otherwise and somewhere, sometime we lose touch with our personality which is independent of the perfect life we try to project . I discovered and rediscovered parts of me I had lost contact with and to be living almost of the grid I found myself absolutely rejuvenated, almost like a clean slate now with a changed perspective about life. To anyone and everyone who is reading this, remind yourself that all the world is not a race for the ideal life. There is essentially nothing as an ideal life. Everyone has their fare share of problems and it is not easy for anyone out there no matter how they project their identity on social media. All we can and probably should do is smile on the tiniest of oppurtunities we get and keep working through our problems. Never lose touch with yourself, be aware of your needs and wants and work hard for them. The only thing constant is change and this time, whatever you’re going through, whatever ‘we’ are going through will change. #staypositive and share this text to as many people as you want, for we never really know who just might need it.

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