These Three Shows On Sony TV May Just Get Into Your List Of Favourites In The Coming Episodes!


Sony Entertainment Television has always been one among the top GECs to come up with great urban centric progressive shows. Their content probably gets to the best among all currently or so has been before.

Right now there are three daily soaps on Sony, that are dishing out or going to dish out great tracks next.

Here’s a look about the same –

Patiala Babes

Patiala Babes

This has been one show that started off well and with the upcoming track ahead, it may just engage more viewers.
As of now, viewers have been Minni and all the family members coming to know of her father’s affair with another lady and that he has denied to return home without her.

Minni has a lot of questions for her father and the future events is going to make her have many questions for her mother too – Especially about the love story of her husband and herself that she had narrated to Minni.

With every brick falling off and a life that suddenly has gone out of hands, Minni will be seen proposing her mother to hold her hand and leave the house.

Minni’s journey of empowering her mother, making her independent and even dealing with all the hardships will start off now.

It will be interesting to see how a teenage girl gathers herself and also gives strength to her mother in this odd time in life.

The promo that Sony has released had our excitement go up and now we can’t wait to see the upcoming episodes of Minni and her mother’s step against the infidelity of Minni’s father.

Watch out this promo below. It’s hard hitting and cheer worthy for sure!

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  1. Minni hasn’t seen the world at all!!!

    Her mom does not earn money that she can just walk out!!! She thinks her mama will keep them?? He will kick them out in two days!!!

    She will now see it is all about money and she needs to file a case or something against her dad but even that needs money so she has nowhere to go!!!!

    Her mom can beg on the streets or come back to live as a servant at her in-laws house!!! Sad but that’s how the world works!!!


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