This Be The Cutest Swachchh Bharat Encouragement Ad Featuring Varun Dhawan And Alia Bhatt!

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Varun Dhawan And Alia Bhatt

In an advertisement by Dharma Productions in order to promote Adar Poonawalla’s Clean City Initiative, actor Varun Dhawan and actress Alia Bhatt turned Romeo and Juliet and must say, they be the cutest Romeo and Juliet ever.

In the ad, the desi Romeo comes to Juliet, who is influenced by vides.

Romeo comes running to Juliet and says, “Hum aa gaye.. Hum aa gaye Julietwa..” hands Juliet a rose “Ee lo.. I love you!”

Juliet says, “#RomeoILoveYou … You know, I have travelled the world but duniya mein only you get me bae!”

A confused Romeo asks, “Bae? Ee sasura bae kaun hai?”

Juliet replies, “Desi waala bey nahi, videsi waala bae..” and after taking the last sip of her fruit juice, throws the empty tetra bottle on the floor and asks Romeo to kiss her but seeing Juliet throwing away litter like that he backs off and says, “Naahi..”

Juliet commands, “Kiss me, you fool!”

Romeo replies, “Humri thi bhool..” and starts walking off.

Juliet asks, “Dude, where are you going?”

Varun Dhawan And Alia Bhatt

Romeo says, “Duniya ghoomi ho par jab ee gandh tum wahan nahi macha rahi ho toh yahan kaahe macha rahi ho? #WhenNoLitterInPardesThenWhyKachraInSwades?

Juliet realizes her mistake, says Sorry, comes down and throws the empty bottle into the dustbin.

The concluding line says, “Badlega scene jab India hoga clean!”

Watch the ad below in case you have not watched it yet –

Hopefully, this encouraging ad will bring a change in the society and someday, we might find our Indian streets as clean as in foreign countries.

Stay tuned to Fuze for more buzz!

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