This Is How Surbhi Jyoti And Pearl V Puri Worked Hard In Scorching Heat And Dust For Naagin 3 – PICS

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It’s truly said that television isn’t an easy medium. It isn’t always about just wearing makeup and playing characters but a lot of blood and sweat in literal sense goes into the making of what is being served to us on screen.

And talking about the entertainment here, action sequences are probably everyone’s favorite but as much as they look intriguing and entertaining to us, they might be the most tedious and toughest tasks the actors do.

And the proof of it are the lead actors from the show ‘Naagin3’. The show has been doing extremely well on the charts and the makers keep on coming with interesting twists and turns to woo the audiences.

The latest has been the action sequence from the latest episode in the show wherein actors Surbhi Jyoti and Pearl V Puri, displayed their impeccable skills and made it all look so natural.

And while we all root for is the on-screen execution, here are the behind the scenes glimpses of the shoot and the hard work that the they did in scorching heat and dust to bring out the scene well on screen.

We must say, there goes a lot into making a scene than what meets the eye and this dedication and passion of actors towards their work is truly commendable!

See behind the scenes stills of the scene here –

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