This Series Of Jennifer Winget’s Deep And Intense Pictures Will Leave You With A ‘Beyhadh’ Craving For Maya

Jennifer Winget

Jennifer Winget is currently topping the headlines again with her soon to come show Beyhadh 2. It would be apt to say that the viewers and fans are not only excited but are waiting with batted breaths for the actress to roll again.

With the latest promo on board, the thrill has doubled up and this might be the first time on Indian Television when a negative or a grey shade is so awaited.

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And right before she casts a spell with her oh so amazing acting skills and traps us all in her ‘maya jaal’, she has decided to allure the fans with her latest goth look pictures.

The actress surely knows how to burn the town down with that look and if only looks could kill, half the population would have been dead by now!

Winget’s recent photoshoot pictures for Beyhadh 2 with her clad in a black sequined one piece dress, her messy short hairs set in waves with a transparent, sequined net cape adorned beautifully with black feathers on the shoulder is making her look like a goth goddess.

Needless to say, we are absolutely loving the dark Kohl rimmed eyes here that do all the talking!

Watch Jennifer Winget slaying in the black beauty look, right here –



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