Three Things That We Absolutely Loved About This #BeHir Scene From Naagin 3!

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Naagin 3

Colors’ Naagin 3 is ruling the roost. Bela and Mahir’s tale is keeping everyone on the edge.

With love taking the front seat in BeHir’s lives the daily soap is currently in an intriguing phase.

Actors Surbhi Jyoti and Pearl V Puri essaying the characters of Bela and Mahir are weaving charming tales of love onscreen.

Recently we saw a very cute scene of BeHir and we just loved it. As a special write up today we give you three things we absolutely loved about this Bela – Mahir scene.

1 – The Cute Desperation And Playful Banter

Sitting in the spacious washroom Mahir awaited Bela’s arrival and as soon as she came the first words he spoke was of complain, she took too long. The kid like innocence with which Mahir expressed his thoughts and the banter Bela indulged him in was super cute. It was hubby wifey moment BeHir shared!

2 – You Are MINE

Bela and Mahir taking small steps towards each other now are ready for the big leap. Bela finally knows where her heart really lies. Their playful conversation turned intense in a jiffy and Mahir addressed Bela as ‘Meri’, ‘Meri Aurat’, this was Mahir claiming the woman he loves with subtly and Bela accepted it with grace. No other declarations were required, she was his and he was hers. The scene with subtle proclamations said it all!

3 – In Love Letting Her Be And Being There For Her

Bela aptly told Mahir he is a good man. Though in the jest of a joke he came across as a dominating man, Mahir immediately said, even as a joke he cannot force her, the words were meaningful. It showed how much Mahir valued Bela and highlighted that even as a joke he was not ready to dominate Bela. In small ways he is letting her be, giving her the space and chance to set the pace of their relationship. And side by side the way he is making her, her family his priority in the scene is the cherry on top!

With twists and turns at every corner the upcoming journey of BeHir might be bumpy but they will pull through as long as their love keeps them afloat.

Watch The BeHir Scene We Were Talking About Below Now.

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  1. They are adorable!!!

    A lot of TV heroes need to take lessons from Maahir!!!

    I love their hidden romance!!! As another of my favourite pair Mriara from EBI had said pyaar ka mazza toh chupke chupke karne mein hi hai!!!!


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