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Main Na Bhoolungi
Main Na Bhoolungi
Main Na Bhoolungi
Main Na Bhoolungi
Away from our stressful long hours spent at work or running around after the kids, there should be something on television which keeps us away from regressive ‘atyachaar’!? 
After all the daily serials which start up and wind down, none of them offer the freshness and attractive story which makes us actually watch them. One can argue that majority of India loves regressive stories or the usual ‘ghisa pita rona dhona‘, but then there are us! Us, who love to watch things that offer gripping stories and often turn to western drama for the ‘unique‘ factors.
Well, I think we can give Indian Television one shot, as per say? “Koshish karne se log impress nahi hote, woh bas ho jata hai.”
Beyond Dreams & Dancing Waters’ Main Na Bhoolungi provides the sweet and simple thriller love story, which is the most attractive element of this new series.
The story explores Shikha Gupta (Aishwarya Sakhuja) who is left impressed by her beloved Sameer Verma (Vikas Manaktala). However the green grass soon turns to red blood as she is forced to face death!
Lead protagonists’ Shikha and Sameer are like the Beauty and The Beast, but with normal faces and so called abnormal ‘meeting at first sight’! Meeting through an unwanted shaadi profile. The lead protagonists meet, but separate within minutes of confusion. However their frequent accidental meetings gain traction among the duo.
Main Na Bhoolungi
Shikha Gupta and Sameer Verma
 Sameer’s sweet and cute nature slowly makes way in Shikha’s heart. Lifting bags ten flights up or fighting reports or yelling at an unknown freak, Sameer surely is the perfect companion one would want.
Apart from the sweet diabetic love story, we can’t help but focus on the key elements moving the story along.
The makers explore variety of emotions attached to young simple lady who stumbles upon finding a random stalker following her. Clueless, and horrified at the extreme measures taken by her family, a simple young lady soon becomes a target of humiliation and string of incidents.
Splattered by ink in public is not so simple for a sensitive young lady who finds comfort in writing with the very own ink. Not all women are strong enough to face public humiliation or unwanted media attention. This do not always make sense, but surely do leave a spot in our heart.
Shikha’s heart and mind are derailed by the recent set of incidents surrounding her unknown black jeep stalker. To the common girl travelling from school to home or to the office, we rarely feel the discomfort of someone following us. However what would we ourselves do if we too found a stalker? Unknown to ourselves in any hypothetical situation, who are we to judge the depth of mental stress that Shikha’s character is facing in such scenario.
However within the upcoming days, according to sources the stalker is soon to be revealed to the audience. What impact will this new twist leave on Shikha’s life is yet to be known. However with Sameer and Shikha’s closeness now turning towards the duo’s engagement, it will surely be interesting to know who will be the new entry and how he will impact their lives!
Keep watching Main Na Bhoolungi on Sony Entertainment Television and don’t forget to follow Fuzion Productions for the latest Indian Television News!
Author : A. Patel



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