Tiff Between Tanuja And Tanissha Over Big Boss 7


Yesteryear actress Tanuja Mukherjee is upset with her daughter, Tanissha for her decision in going into the Bigg Boss house season 7.  According to reports, Kajol (Tanissha’s sister) is also upset with this decision.

Tanuja said, “Of course I didn’t want her to go but she’s going. It’s her decision completely and my feelings have nothing to do with it! I am just wondering how she will manage to survive for three months without a phone, without communication and doing nothing. I really don’t know. My daughter has been extremely pampered all her life and I am concerned about the situations happening there and how comfortable she will be in them.

Upon being question on her intention towards restricting Tanissha from entering the Bigg Boss house, she said, “Never! Tanishaa is old enough to know what she’s doing and make her own decisions. I have brought up both my daughters in such a way that they can take their own independent decisions. I have just guided them when they were young but now that they are grown up I don’t question their decisions. As a mother I have every right to feel upset about her decision, but of course, I will support her. Do I have a choice?

Tanissha had tried her hand in acting, but unfortunately her career never took off the way her big sister Kajol’s had done. Do you think Tanissha’s decision of going to the Bigg Boss house will increase her popularity and perhaps resurrect her acting career or will it have the opposite effect? Tanuja claims that she has never seen Bigg Boss, yet she had such strong reservations against her daughter going into it. Is there a stigma that is attached to the Bigg Boss house?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to watch Bigg Boss season 7 on the entertainment channel  Colors Viacom18 at 9:00PM. We leave with you a Youtube promotional video of Big Boss 7. Stay tuned to Fuze for more updates!

[youtube id=”HUHK9M08-tk” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Author: Rahmina C.


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