Top 10 Best Grey Shaded Heroes On TV Till Date

Top 10 Best Grey Shaded Heroes On TV Till Date

The male leads of television are often portrayed as bad guys only to go through changes later and become a positive character at the end. Here we bring such gray shaded heroes that were appreciated by viewers.

Varun Kapoor as Sanskar
Varun Kapoor as Sanskar

1. Sanskar – Swaragini
Sanskar of Swaragini fame appeared as a lunatic who wanted to take revenge on Maheshwari family. Now he has gone through change of heart as he realized his mistake and became a full time lover boy who is madly in love with Swara and can do anything for his love.

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  1. Like ssly!! How come Parth Samthaan didn’t became the first one in the list?
    He deserves to be on the top.. Manik Malhotra is the most well written & played character ever!


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